Better out than in, I always say

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today I'm just going to let loose all the things that are irritating me currently, because blogging is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy and it's also calorie-free. Right now I'm tired, crabby, bloated, lazy and hateful. I actually had a thoughtful, coherent, and rational blog post baked up, but I'm saving it for later, when I'm feeling less stabby.

-RIP statuses on Facebook
-Girls complaining about their weight
-Forgetting one item at the grocery store and not realizing until you get home EVEN THOUGH YOU MADE A BLOODY LIST AND CHECKED IT TWICE, SANTA STYLE
-Waiting...and waiting...and waiting in line at the grocery store for the missing item
-People with coupons/excessive change
-Gawky construction workers
-Being asked for spare change every time I walk somewhere in Halifax
-Being called "ma'am". I MIGHT HAVE GIVEN YOU SPARE CHANGE IF YOU HADN'T MA'AMED ME. Do I look like a ma'am??
-People who only call when they need a favour
-Chippy nail polish
-Sticky keyboards
-Feeling like a grease monkey by the end of the day (note: remember to put facial blotting papers in my bag)
-Uncooperative bangs/resorting to stretchy elastic headbands and ponytails so I look like I'm coming from a hot yoga class all sweaty up and revolting
-Being forced to wait until July 6 for the new season of Big Brother


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  1. JULY SIXTH??! What a travesty. UGH!

    And why do you hate RIP statutes on fb?

  2. Yes, Yes and Yes. These are my thoughts exactly.

  3. You still have Big Brother?!?

    Apart from that, i have to agree with everything else you have written though.

  4. Totally with you!! And I get asked for change every time I step outside in Winnipeg too :(

  5. I haaaaate being called ma'am. It means I'm no longer a miss. I want to be a miss forever, not some old bitty who has to be called ma'am.