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In a New York state of mind...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday started off as a crappy Tuesday. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it...Monday may be the redheaded stepchild of weekdays, but if that's the case, Tuesday is the fat asthmatic kid that Monday throws his moldy sandwiches at on the school bus. On Mondays I come into the office feeling semi-fresh and kinda sorta ready to go. I'm rejuvenated and I've got my brand-spankin'-new to-do list of tasks for the week...clean slate, all that jazz. By Tuesday the post-weekend happy buzz leftover has completely evaporated and there isn't even any good teenybopper TV to lift me out of my funk. Yesterday was no exception. In addition to nursing my headache which seems to want to take up permanent residence inside my skull and navigating the daily cluster-eff that is merging morning traffic on the Mackay Bridge (SERIOUSLY, IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO LET ONE CAR GO AND THEN DRIVE BUT ASSCLOWN FUCKTARDERSON AND SLOWY McRIDESTHEBRAKESALOT HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT THE TECHNIQUE), the typical work dramas were ongoing, my apple had a bruise on it, I dropped my mittens into a puddle, and on and on it goes. Boo-frickity-hoo.

ANYWAY, I got home from work and that frown was quickly turned upside down when H2B decided to stop teasing me with the big V-Day plans he's been hatching for next month and fessed up to why he asked me to take Feb. 13 off work. Guess where I'm going??!!

I couldn't be more excited. We fly out early in the morning on Friday, February 13 (unlucky, I'm scared and come back to N.S. on Sunday, February 15. It's a pretty quick trip, so we probably won't take in too many activities--we aren't planning on any Broadway shows or hockey games, for example; they just eat up too many hours out of an already short stay. We're probably going to spend the vast majority of time just walking the streets and ogling stuff with amazement, like two country bumpkins who are just getting out of the sticks.

Super super pumped for Central Park (maybe even a carriage ride...God, we're cheesy!), a meal at Tavern on the Green, checking out Chinatown and Little Italy, seeing the Statue of Liberty, probably getting totally lost in the subway and ending up in the ghetto to die, and of course...

SHOPPING!! I'm going to go absolutely nuts. So many stores I want to visit: Macy's, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Topshop, H&M (we don't have it here, so it's kind of a big deal), Sephora, Saks...but I'm also excited to see the smaller markets and independent vendors. I am going to blow so much cash it's going to be ridic.

My trusty camera will follow, of course, and I hope to have a million new photos on Flickr afterward. In the meantime, the countdown is definitely on and I can't wait to see the Big Apple, even just for a couple of days. I think the plan is to pound enough Red Bull into ourselves that we go nonstop the entire time we're there.

Anyone have any suggestions? Must-sees? Cheap thrills? Things to avoid at all costs?

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  1. Exciting!!! I've never been so I'm no help, but so excited for you!!!

    (Sidenote: your CAPTCHA this time is "norks." Hahaha...)

  2. I'm super excited, but scared about the amount of money I'm definitely going to spend :)