$43,000,000. That's a lot of zeros.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soo, the lottery jackpot is currently $43 million. I dropped five bucks today to enter the office pool. Obviously if we win, we'll only get a fraction of the total winnings--but seriously, who needs $43 million dollars? I can't even imagine how fabulous winning that would be. If I ever win the lottery I'll immediately drop dead of shock, so it'll be a total waste.

What would you do if you won the lottery? I'm pretty sure that's not a problem I'll ever have to worry about, unfortunately, but it's fun to think about.

1. I'd buy a house. No ridiculous mansion--I'd want a roomy and comfortable home, say four bedrooms and three bathrooms. I'd be a little fussy about the details. I'd want a big tricked-out kitchen with stainless steel everything, professional grade appliances, and TONS of cupboard space. I would have one huge bathroom that would be really spa-like, complete with a ginormous tub and a super huge rainfall showerhead and all the Bliss products I could wish for. Obviously my bed would be massive and amazing because, well, we would have the option to stay in it all day long. I'd want a studio for my crafts, a home theatre/xboxing room for H2B, and a library with a fireplace and cosy fat chairs. We'd have a home gym and a pool, obvi. We'd also need a huge yard, preferably oceanfront, so we'd have lots of room for the...

2. ...horses!! I'd buy two Quarter horses and tack right off the bat. I've always planned on buying more horses as soon as I can, and winning the lottery would sure allow for a couple of horses kicking around.

3. *Bob Barker voice* A NEW CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! Honestly, I just got a newish car in September, so I probably wouldn't need to upgrade...but my favourite car that I have lusted after for years is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren so really, what's half a mil when you've got 43 big ones?

4. Family. I'd give my parents a few million, and my brother and sister a couple milli each--or perhaps buy their houses and then just make them millionaires.

5. Shopping. If money were no object I'd be after Louboutins, Manolos and Jimmy Choos by the dozen. I think I'd splurge on an amazing coat, a Birkin bag, and a couple pairs of ridiculously expensive jeans. I'd get an Omega watch to match H2B's and some other beautiful jewelry. Diamonds like ice cubes in my ears...yowza!!

6. Travel. I'd take as much time as I could possibly spare and see as much of the world as I could squeeze in: Hawaii, South America, the UK, Russia, the Mediterranean and Australia. I'd go on safari in Africa and see the penguins in Antarctica. There are so many places I'm curious about and having the means to see them would be incredible.

7. School. I'd take courses in things that interest me, not because I need to upgrade but because I want to learn. Creative courses, foreign languages, gourmet cooking, whatever piqued my interest.

8. A maid. I'm not going to lie. I freaking hate to clean and I'm paying someone else to do it for me. End of story.

9. Techno-geeky stuff. iPod Touch and Wii, for example. They're not even big splurges but I'd snag them for sure!

10. Education funds for my kids.

11. Charitable donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, the IWK, and to various minor sport associations. So many talented kids just can't afford to take part in minor hockey or soccer, which is sad. And who hasn't been touched by cancer? I volunteer with them, so I have a particular affinity for that organization and know they are striving to do awesome things, but money is constantly a barrier. The IWK is our regional children's hospital and after visiting there (they are one of our clients) my heart totally went out to those kids.

The biggest thing about that money is the freedom it brings. You'd have the option to do whatever.you.wanted. Every day for the rest of your life. Work, or don't work. Get out of bed, or don't. Stay in Halifax, go to Japan. Life would really be like that, which is hard to comprehend. I'm sure it would take some getting used to but I'd absolutely be willing to try!

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  1. $100/week gets you a maid by the way. :)

    As for me... I guess I'd do the following in no order:

    1. Put aside $50k for EF (I have $36k now)

    2. Put aside money for regular savings

    3. Take a trip to Japan/around Europe/NY

    4. Save the rest for when I move to the U.S. to buy a home/car

    5. Clear my parents' mortgage and buy them 2 new cars (one each).

    Plus get them a home organizer to clean/pack up their messy home which is my mom's dream.

    6. Give money to my siblings/clear their student loans. My oldest brother won't want any money at all.

    7. Donate to charity, like Toronto Sick Kids.

    8. Save the rest and invest it, maybe just living off the interest on a couple of mill LOL!

    Hard to say.

    Fabulously Broke in the City

    "Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."