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Reality check

Monday, February 17, 2014

[+] I went to the gym yesterday with the best intentions to run 12 miles on the treadmill. I was going to set my pace slow and easy and watch the Canada-Finland hockey game and just slog through and get it done. Thanks to a sore, rolled ankle from Saturday plus stomach issues galore, 12 miles turned into 7 very painful, slow, and aggravating miles. I hated every step and I couldn't wait to be done. I threw in the towel and hit up the elliptical instead for one more angry mile to make it an even 8. It was frustrating and discouraging but I'm trying to use this as an opportunity to regroup and go for it again next weekend rather than beating myself up. 8 miles is better than 0.

[+] We're all done with winter at our house. Couldn't be more over it, in fact. Yesterday was a weather-filled day, not a fluffy snow day but a freezing rain slash ice pellets slash wet snow day. Eli and I holed up in the TV room to watch the Jungle Book in the morning while Peter shoveled our driveway, estimating that each scoop weighed 40lb. It's just getting really old and unpleasant and I curse my ancestors for not settling someplace tropical.

[+] Lately I am just feeling unable to get anything done. I have big plans and I can't seem to accomplish anything. I feel like I'm making long to-do lists and setting these goals, big and small, then doing NOTHING to work towards them. I don't know where to start. Everything seems like this massive mountain to tackle. Even simple things like making a dentist appointment, setting up a meeting at the bank, getting an oil change...I just don't want to do any of it. I HAVE to do all of it. Bad combination.

[+] Just so this isn't a complete waaah-waaah post, some good things have been happening. Valentine's Day! We celebrated with a morning workout and lunch out, followed by a matinee showing of American Hustle. Date night becomes date-day-when-your-kid-is-at-the-sitter's when you have a two-year-old, so we booked the day off work to spend some time together. American Hustle was good. I'd heard it was slow and boring - people lie. Saturday night we watched the newest Star Trek movie at home. Pretty good considering I hate space, aliens, lasers, etc. And yesterday we baked the best sea salt chocolate chip cookies ever. This recipe is my go-to. I can't even count how many times I've made it and the cookies always turn out perfect.

At least my cookie jar is full. #silverlining

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  1. These cookies look divine. I may have to try and make a paleo version of them! I understand your sentiments. I think it's just this god awful winter that our country is being pummeled by this year. It's been deathly cold out here in the west, and I know you guys are just getting repeatedly dumped on by snow. SUMMER 2014 better be a good one!

    1. They are the best cookies ever. So good. The recipe makes a huge batch too.

      Hooo buddy this winter has been TOUGH! We just booked a week in Jamaica in April - something to look forward to. This weekend is supposed to be relatively warm! Thank God!