An hour and a half

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last night, I had a basketball game at 7:00, so rather than going home after work and rushing back into the city, I stayed in town. I worked until a bit after 5:00, then realized I had an hour and a half to kill, by myself, before I had to be at the school to play. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment instances, so texting a friend to hang out was not really an option - the time was mine to do whatever I wanted.

It's not a huge amount of time, but it's 90 minutes. 90 minutes that don't involve cooking food, cleaning up, working, doing chores, or operating on anyone else's schedule but mine.

90 minutes of freedom, something I very rarely get to indulge in.

And I could not decide what to do with myself. 

I debated doing lots of things. Go to the gym? Nah, I'd be getting a workout later (full court b-ball is no joke.) Go shopping? Nope, trying to save my pennies. Go for a walk? In the north end after dark by myself? No thank you.

I did so much humming and hawing, I ended up only having time to get takeout sushi from the place downstairs, eat it at my desk while playing on the computer, get changed in the office, and head to the school for our game.

I wasted my whole 90 minutes.


I don't know when I'll get 90 minutes to myself again. It could be months! Next time, I'll have a list of ideas prepared.

Go to the bookstore or a library and just browse, or even bring my book from home and sit somewhere with comfy chairs and enjoy an hour and a half of uninterrupted reading.

Go somewhere for dinner, somewhere that is not located directly below my office, somewhere I wouldn't normally get a chance to eat. Sit at a table by myself and order whatever the hell I would like to eat.

Take a walk in a new neighbourhood. Take some photos. Enjoy the change of scenery.

If there's a movie I want to see that starts at 4:30, go see it, even if it means I have to go by myself. Eat popcorn for dinner.

Get my car washed. Try on a ridiculous outfit, even if I'm not buying. Get my nails done.

Just don't ever waste 90 precious minutes again.

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  1. I'm kind of sad for you that you wasted your 90 minutes!! lol but I wouldnt really want to venture out too far after dark either! But it sounds like you have some good ideas if it happens again so thats ok :)
    p.s. i didnt know you played basketball?!

    1. It's just rec league basketball on Monday nights! I played back in the day but not for a loooong time and it is painfully apparent.

  2. I am very very very guilty of this. I've been struck with a case of the blahs lately, and talk about 90 minutes? I've wasted hours lollygaggin' and sitting around, when I could have been doing something much more active. I really want to try and find a way to stay away from technology for the better part of an evening after I get home from work. I know it's somewhat inevitable sometimes, but most times... gah. You don't realize it till it's gone. Hope basketball was fun! Rec league?

    1. It can be so hard to get motivated to *do* something. I think as the days get longer and brighter it'll be easier - at least, I hope so...

  3. Too bad Hfx N and SG libraries are not open Mondays...