Snowed In

Monday, February 11, 2013

This weekend, we had the best kind of snowstorm: one where you actually feel "snowed in", but our power stayed on. Usually, I hate being housebound, but this weekend any excuse to stay home, be lazy, and wear sweats was met with open arms.

Saturday ended up being a perfect day for baking two kinds of cookies: chocolate chip with sea salt and some Valentine sugar cookie hearts, decorated by my small helper and number-one taste-tester.

There was a lot of reading, a little crafting, and a bunch of hooting at the hockey game. Leafs beat the Canadiens 6-0, which makes this girl a happy camper. 

Fun fact: Chocolate milk + Baileys = maximum deliciousness. It's like extra-rich, extra-creamy chocolate milk. A delightful little bevvy for your hockey game viewing. (We ran out of wine. I had to improvise.)

By the time we were able to get out again, on Sunday afternoon, I kind of didn't want to go anywhere. 

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  1. I must try this chocolate milk and baileys idea! thanks for suggesting it. P.s. did you know theres wine that tastes like cupcakes?! its called Cupcake vineyards. google it

  2. That's a great little weekend update, I was stuck in Halifax at our work AGM... Blah... So it was far from relaxing.
    Baileys and Chocolate Milk? Sounds great, and YAY LEAFS! :)

  3. Ooo, I'm not a huge fan of Bailey's with white milk, but didn't even think to do it up with chocolate! Have to try that one.

    Plus... chocolate chip with SEA SALT COOKIES?

    Cute pic of your cutie!