Friday, June 15, 2012

Eating: I recently discovered dark chocolate mint M&Ms, and they're threatening to overtake Reese's Pieces as my favourite candy. Anybody who knows me well knows this is not a small deal. I've been obsessed with Reese's since I was small. They were our favours at our wedding. But those dark, chocolatey, minty morsels are giving them a run for their money. I've also been eating other things too, DON'T WORRY!

Drinking: Corona Light with lime. Hardly the best beer in the land, but I love it and every time I get one out of the fridge I get to shout "Cervesa por favor!" Also, Just Us Mocha Java in the mornings, because you can't shouldn't drink beer for breakfast.

Craving: Strawberry shortcakes with fresh baked biscuits. Corn on the cob. Blueberry cobbler. Steamed beet greens with butter (??) Ice cream! Seafood...but NOT lobster. Pretty much anything summery.

Crafting: Eli's superhero alphabet cross stitch. This is going to take forever. If I do a "currently" blog post when I'm 85 I'll still be working on it. And recipe cards for the kitchen, an idea I stole from Young House Love. Graphic designer I ain't but it's fun to play around.

Reading: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. Know what I'm NOT reading? July's Glamour, which decided to just not appear in my mailbox this month.

Watching: Pretty much nothing since Mad Men and ANTM ended. Big Brother starts in a few weeks! I have been watching Girls online. I keep hearing how it's supposed to be like a Sex and the City that real girls can actually relate to. I don't know about you but I can't relate to about 90% of these scenarios. Probably a good thing.
Listening To: John Mayer's new album, which is a bit strange for me because a) I don't really like John Mayer and b) it's more country than most of his music and I abhor country music. Must be getting more mellow in my old age.

Wearing: Skinny jeans or shorts with tank tops and t-shirts and flat sandals. Basic, basic, basic. I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt. If I have to be fancy I put on a big bracelet.

Wasting Time With:  Apps aplenty. Words With Friends, Instagram, Cat Paint, Sudoku, you name it.

Planning: Father's Day this weekend, summer vacation, a baby shower for my sister.

Excited for: Beach season! My yearly clam feast (ohhhhhh, that sounds way more disgusting than it is). The Olympics. When you were little, did you watch the Olympics and then think that, in all seriousness, you could be an Olympic athlete in just any random sport you enjoyed watching? No? Just me who thought "Olympic gymnast" or "Olympic equestrian" or "OLYMPIC CHAMPION" was a realistic career goal? OK then.

Loving: Sunshine and warm days. Spending time with my little guy and watching him grow. for editing photos. The Nike Training Club app - seriously, download it if you haven't yet. It's free and is essentially a less barbaric P90X with more variety.

Hating:  People who drive the speed limit in the left lane. Manicures that look like ass four days later. My IT band.

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  1. I've abdondoned all hope of being an Olympic gymnast but I still want to be an Olympic equestrian :)

    1. I used to gallop around the yard and jump over things (ditches, rocks etc.) and do the commentary in my head. I can't believe I just posted that on the Internet for all to see.

    2. I used to use the curb as my balance beam!! :)

  2. So many things to comment on here...
    1. if you crave corn on the cob, you must run to the nearest costco (hopefully theres one in your town) and pick up their corn on the cob. It is the most expensive corn on the cob you will ever buy but it is to die for. trust me.
    2. I LOVE john mayors new album!! The guys a little iffy, but he's a musical genius. WHats your fav song so far??
    3. I LOOOVE the olympics. lol I love watching them anytime, any sport thats on. Im pretty patriotic and love to cheer on my country.

    1. I never thought to get corn on the cob at costco but I'll try to remember to get some! We usually just get it in August when it's super fresh.

      I like Queen of California, Something Like Olivia and Speak For Me but the whole album is pretty good, except Shadow Days is kind of meh :)

    2. i like all those ones too but i think my favourite is the one about the guys submarine ride lol