Five on Friday

Friday, March 23, 2012

1. I spent waaaay too much time today frigging around with the Ginger My Face app. Upload a photo, add freckles, colour your hair red, and poof - instant ginger. Verdict: I wouldn't make a good redhead. See how gross.


2. Eli discovered his feet several weeks ago, but this week he is OBSESSED. He grabs them on the change table, in the tub, in his crib when he's supposed to be napping and just holds them and stares at them. He tries to cram them in his mouth. He throws his toys on the floor in favour of his feet. Easily entertained, that one. Case in point: this video I took a little earlier today. And no, he's not naked, he has a diaper on!

3. I cleaned out the fridge today, which is one of my least favourite chores. If I had to choose between cleaning the fridge and cleaning the bathroom, it would be a tossup, that's how much I hate it. I just poured out three ancient bottles of cranberry cocktail and one two-litre bottle of Coke leftover from our housewarming party in 2010. I'm surprised it didn't eat through the plastic in that time frame.

4. Our plans for tonight are making pizza (!!!) and spending some quality time with the DVR. I've been excited for pizza Friday all day like an 8-year-old. We like to make one big pizza and split it in half, with different toppings on each side, since we don't like the same things. Pete's is always covered in meat and I have olives, pineapple, mushrooms and artichoke hearts for mine.

5. I got to see an advanced screening of The Hunger Games last night. It definitely lived up to my expectations! Everybody looked like I had imagined, which made me happy. I hate when you read a book and have the characters pictured in your head and they look completely different in the movie. I'm looking at you, Time Traveler's Wife.

Happy weekend!

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  1. That's so good to hear about the Hunger Games! I'm so excited to see it. A few of us at work are planning to go but were still trying to figure out a time that works for us all lol.

  2. Hope you like it and that you get to go soon! I'm already excited for the next movie!