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Friday, November 04, 2011

I've posted here about my efforts recently to save money and be as cheap financially responsible as possible while I'm on mat leave. I've signed up for a number of deal-finding sites and as a result I get half a dozen emails every morning for 80% off microdermabrasion and teeth whitening. HOW WHITE CAN YOUR TEETH POSSIBLY BECOME? HOW MUCH SKIN CAN YOU ACTUALLY BUFF AWAY? Even for 80% off?

When I was asked to check out couponpromocode.ca, I couldn't help be a leeeetle bit skeptical at first. But after spending some time browsing around, I realized it's a useful tool and totally unlike the Groupons of the world. If you enjoy online shopping (who doesn't?), it's a great resource that scours online coupons and promotional codes and posts them daily. Before you purchase something online, check out this site and if there's a valid promotion ongoing, you can snag the code to plug in at checkout.

The site is organized both by coupon category (books, electronics, fashion, travel etc.) and with alphabetical store listings, so whether you're looking for a specific item from a particular store or just browsing, it's easy to find promo codes you're interested in. Feature codes are also highlighted on the homepage and in the blog.

After browsing the promo codes currently available, some of the deals that caught my eye included:

  • Free custom iPod engraving from the Apple store. 
  • Extra 30% off sale items at jcrew.com.
  • 20% off Porter flights.
  • $25 off Travelocity hotel bookings.
There's also a "free stuff" tab where you can sign up to receive free samples of all sorts of goodies: laundry detergent, light bulbs, gum, photo prints and more. 

The only thing I didn't love about the site is that a lot of expired promo codes are still being displayed, so you need to make sure to check the dates of the coupon before you get too excited. But overall, it's worth your while to take the extra minute or two before making an online purchase to check this site - you could be eligible for free shipping, a bonus gift, or additional savings. Well worth it!

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