My Christmas List

Monday, November 21, 2011

Santa, I have been very good this year! Let me make my case a bit:

  • I volunteered at the Canada Games
  • I had a baby
  • I went to church voluntarily on non-holiday Sundays
  • I donated clothes to good causes
If that doesn't merit a visit from St. Nick, I don't even know what to do next year.

My Christmas wish list is as follows:

1. New running shoes. Eventually, I will make my slow, clunky and uncoordinated return to the gym, and when I do I'm going to need new sneaks to get me there. Preferably ones that work with my Nike+.
2. While we're at it, some new workout gear (t-shirts and capri leggings) would be great too. It's hard to get excited about working out in public when you're alternating between a sweat-stained T-shirt that says "Bust A Move" and a Presidente one from our last trip to Punta Cana.
3. New everyday clothes that don't need to fit over a beach ball. I just put on a pair of pre-Eli jeans yesterday and buttoned them up with no Bella Band required. I may have cried a tear or two of happiness. It's so nice to not need to dress like I am a tent anymore.
4. Clinique products - specifically Dramatically Different lotion and an All About Eyes eye roller ball. That thing works wonders on tired, puffy eyes! I've used Dramatically Different for years and it's my favourite moisturizer.
5. Books - there are a few that I'd like. Q&A A Day: A Five-Year Journal looks intriguing. I'm also curious about 11/22/63.
6. A Pandora charm for my bracelet. The last one I added was the "pea in a pod" charm back when I found out I was pregnant with Eli in March. It would be nice to have a new one to commemorate the little guy's arrival. 
7. A steam mop. Cleaning supplies for Christmas? Who the hell am I?! I love the fact that it uses water to clean the floors, not harsh chemicals or pricey products, and that it cleans a variety of surfaces (hardwood, tile, laminate - all stuff we have in our home). It would be safe for both baby and dog and might even encourage me to clean the floors more than twice a year.
8. A Glamour magazine subscription. Getting a magazine in the mail is something I look forward to every month and Glamour has been my favourite for years.
9. A new day planner. Specifically, an Erin Condren life planner would make me a happy and organized girl all year long.
10. Friday Night Lights Season 4 on DVD. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Gotta get get.

What's on your wish list this year?

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  1. You shouldn't have linked to that life planner. Okay, so you should have, but now some poor member of my family (maybe even me) is going to have to pay $50 for a planner. Because I officially can't live without that.

    Ugh the Christmas list. I made one, but it mostly consisted of giftcards because I don't know how large I'll be after the baby comes and how much of my pre-preggo clothing will work. And of course, being knocked up now and in a constant state of size flex has messed things up.

  2. They're so pretty, right? I need one of those planners in my life.

    Definitely go for the gift cards. Another idea you might like to add to your list is a gift card to a spa. Whether you use it for a mama-to-be massage or a spa visit after the baby comes, getting a chance to relax will feel awesome!

  3. such a cute post. =) Need a little list of my own. Mind if I say thanks for the comment. Gonna try that out sometime.


  4. That Q&A book looks pretty interesting. I might keep that in mind as well! Thanks :)

  5. TB - I forgot to mention I put raisins in it sometimes too. Pretty yummy!

    HK - I'm so bad at journaling but that book looks like it would make it much easier to keep up the habit!

  6. I heart the 5 year journal! It would be neat to see how things change over the five years! Plus, the entries are short so it might be easier to keep up with.

    Oh, and the planner...siiiggghhhh...makes organizing life fun!!

  7. Oooh tell me more about this eye roller ball thing please!! I have a serious case of the "WOW YOU LOOK LIKE YOU HAVENT SLEPT IN WEEKS!" eyes =(

  8. Jenilee - here's a link to it on the Sephora site. It has caffeine in it and the little metal roller ball feels amazing on tired eyes!