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It's been one week since you looked at me...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I promised myself months ago that when the baby was born, this wouldn't become a full-on mommy blog, and it's not going to. But the past week has been devoted to welcoming our little man, getting used to one another, and falling more and more in love with Eli. I really have nothing else to talk about this week. Next week, maybe.

I cannot believe Eli is a week old already. The past seven days have flown by. It feels like we do very little all day - nap, feed, change diapers, take paparazzi shots of the baby - and bam! it's bedtime. In spite of feeling like I'm doing nothing, time is flying. I feel like he's already noticeably bigger and that his looks are changing.

A lot of this whole mamahood thing is easier than I'd expected. Getting up three times a night to feed Eli hasn't been the hellish ordeal I'd assumed it would be, probably because weeks of pregnancy insomnia prepared me for sleepless nights. We wake up every three hours, feed him and go back to sleep, and it ain't no thang. When I'm feeding him I go online on my iPod, check emails and Twitter, play music for us and chat to Pete and before I know it we're all done.

I had never changed a diaper in my life, never dressed a baby...in fact, I had barely held a baby. I'd been worried it would feel unnatural and awkward, but it hasn't. I'm grateful for that. 

There are a few things that are harder than I'd anticipated. Recovery, for one. I seem to have skipped the chapter on mama's physical recovery from birth, and went straight from labour and delivery to caring for baby. I was totally unprepared for how I'd feel. Stitches blow - I'll leave it at that. I'm so anxious to get back to normal, going to the gym, taking long walks with the baby, and the recovery period is frustrating and feels long, even though it's only been a week so far and I could have a while longer before I'm feeling 100%.

I'm excited about feeling better, but mostly I'm excited about all the things we'll be able to do over the next few weeks. Taking him for fall walks in the park. Getting him a Christmas stocking and a special ornament for the tree. Picking out a picture for our Christmas card. His first smiles and giggles. Shopping for new outfits for him - now that we know he's a boy we don't need to stick to gender-neutral stuff anymore. Filling in the blanks in his baby book.

Here's our little beefcake's one week photo - he brushed his hair just for the Internet. He's a very dapper little gentleman.

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  1. That hair is amazing. What a handsome boy!

  2. I second what I'm sure you're hearing from everyone... the hair is just perfect. He is such a cutie pie! We need one of the whole family soon. Hope you start to feel better quickly! Xo

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous handsome boy!!! Dont be hard on yourself about wanting to blog about your baby, hes the centre of your world and rightly so. You are allowed to shout that out to the rooftops. Also ,recovery time is needed for most women and I would just take each day as it comes. You will get back to the gym and running.
    Enjoy each precious moment as he will grow up way too fast. Mine are 7 and 4 now and thats gone by in a flash.

  4. you no longer have any reason to hate the month of november :)

  5. I love all the hair! My blog became baby central for a few months after Topher was born - now I don't blog about him quite as much :) Take your time with your recovery, don't push it - it took me more than four months to recover because I had a difficult delivery to begin with and then kept trying to ride my horse before I was actually supposed to!

  6. He really does look a little different than he did in the pics you posted last week... I don't mind reading about baby Eli. I agree with some of the other commenters. He IS the center of your life right now, so what else would you focus on? Stay true to yourself. I hope your recovery goes well. :-)

  7. Look at that hair! Love it! And here's hoping that time plays in slow motion for your little family so you can enjoy every minute of it!!

  8. Congratulations! He is so cute! I wish you a speedy recovery.