Baby Makin' FAQs

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Since becoming preggo, we have answered lots of questions from friends, family members, random acquaintances, etc. Here our some of our pregnancy FAQs and the answers. If you have a question, ask away - I promise to answer honestly!!

1. Was it planned? Yeaaah...people actually asked this obnoxious question. Why this is important information to anyone, I'm not sure. The answer is yes, "it" was planned. We have been talking about having a baby this year for more than a year previous...probably since shortly after we got married. We knew we wanted a bit of time to just enjoy being married, but for some reason, 30 felt like a good age to take the big plunge.

In the interest of full disclosure, I went off the pill in early January, and got pregnant in February. We found out on March 8. So yes, this baby was very much planned, not that it matters either way - we'd love them regardless.

2. What did you do when you found out? Jumped up and down and screeched mostly. A little crying. Lots of hugging. We were psyched and despite the "planning" were totally surprised at the positive test result. We figured it would take longer for nature to take its course. Of course Peter takes all the credit. Sorry dude...I think I might have had something to do with it too.

3. Are you going to find out the sex? Nope. In Nova Scotia, doctors won't tell the sex of the baby - you have to go to a 3D ultrasound. We decided to save our pennies and get surprised.

4. Do you think you're having a boy or a girl? It depends on the day. At the beginning I would have bet the farm it was a boy. Lately, I feel like it's a girl. On certain days the baby is extra obnoxious with the kicks, and I refer to it as "he"...as in "he's being a little bugger today!" It's fun to wonder and anticipate the surprise and we have no preferences either way.

5. Do you have names picked out? Finally we have names we're leaning towards...they're top secret though!

6. Are you worried about your vagina? Yes.

7. Are you getting nervous? At our first prenatal class I flipped ahead in the book to the page where they've drawn circles to represent how big you dilate. I blanched, gagged and slammed the book shut. I had to put my head down on the table. Nervous is an understatement.

Here's the aforementioned textbook with the circles page. See that bottom circle? The one that's like as big as my fully formed adult head? That's 10 centimetres. That's how big "stuff" needs to get. Percolate on that visual.

8. Do you plan to breastfeed? Yes...again, understanding that "plans" and reality don't always line up. We'll give it a go, knowing that there are other options if it doesn't work out. I know not everyone is able to breastfeed so we'll see.

9. Do you crave any weird foods? Not at all. I have been eating pretty normally, not really changing too much from what I ate before other than cutting out the forbidden foods. I've been eating more fruit for snacks, and just trying to be really conscious about eating a balanced diet and not too much of anything.

10. How are you feeling? This is the #1 most frequently asked question, but I don't mind hearing it! I have been feeling great the whole pregnancy so far, with no complaints at all. I was a little tired in the beginning but it was a good excuse to get to bed early. The second trimester has been bomb. I have lots of energy and don't even feel pregnant, just really healthy - until I see my reflection in the mirror and then it's like WHOA momma. You is huge.

11. Are you having a natural birth? Let me put it to you this way. Pushing a six-to-nine pound being out of your vajayjay is as unnatural as you can get, according to this bear. I admire women who opt to go the natural route, but I'm not one of them. I don't want to be a hero. I'm a big wimp. And I want drugs. I want epidurals and laughing gases and magic mushrooms. I want to be completely out of my tree when that baby makes its appearance. I want to be stroking the furry walls and seeing Jesus.

Any other questions?

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  1. if you see Jesus, can you give him a dick punch for me?


  2. Really happy my question made it in here.

  3. I get asked if it was planned by everyone we've told so far (since I non-stop told people we were planning to wait a while before we tried). We hadn't gotten around to announcing that we were going to give it a whirl yet when I concieved the first try. I was totally in shock because I was sure it was going to take at least three months before we'd get pregnant but here I am 7 weeks along (and I "knew" instantly. Which is making this 12-week period of telling only immediate family and close friends very very very long. I find it annoying to be totally exhausted 24/7 and not being able to complain about it in public since I have no viable excuse for being so tired weeks on end.

    Loved all your answers though. Especially, "Am I worried about my vagina?" "Yes."

  4. Sarah-I'll do what I can!
    Joel-It's probably my favourite question.
    Kim-I think that's why people are asking us if it was planned too - it wasn't something we talked about before it happened. The first little bit, before you can spill the beans, feels the longest. Also, what they say about the second trimester is true - you will have tons more energy and feel so much better! I was zonked in the beginning and it was brutal.

  5. oh thats so funny about the natural birth bit - love it! I had gas and air and to a degree that sent me out of my tree, so recommend it except it dries your mouth out so the bit of toast they gave me afterwards was like eating cardboard.- Natasha

  6. I'm totally fine with cardboardy toast if it means I don't feel anything :)

  7. "Are you worried about your vagina?"...I kind of love that question!

  8. hahaha I love the part with the photo of the circles. I did the same exact thing. I showed Joe and he almost passed out. =)

    Why won't they tell you the gender in Nova Scotia??

  9. Hahaha I love this. And we're on the same page about everything....I got asked if it was planned by my MIL. Um...so are you asking me about my sex life with your son? Ahh...if only I had the balls to say it to her face.

  10. Maria - the fact your MIL asked that is the creepiest thing...hellooo awkward

    Jenilee - I'm not sure why they won't tell you the gender here. Apparently our doctor doesn't even know the gender - the ultrasound tech didn't put it in the report. They have this private service called UC Baby which is a 3D ultrasound and that's the only option if you want to find out the sex, which costs a couple hundred bucks...we're just going to save the money and get surprised!

    Marian - I loved the question too! It is definitely a concern, ha!

  11. LOVE thi slist, and I love your blog template! Since you're not planning a natural birth, DON'T look at the charts of how much you have to dilate, you won't feel it!

  12. LOL!! Oh my gosh you're hilarious! I loved reading your answers!!! I would probably answer the exact same way if I were pregs!! Especially the last one - knock me out, for sure!! Love your blog and glad you're feeling so great!! :)