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Summer Favourites

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's hard to believe July is already winding down - where has the summer gone?! Here in Nova Scotia it started off with a month-plus of craptastic weather (35 out of 40 consecutive days were rainy, if anybody needs their memories jogged). Luckily things have improved somewhat and we've been getting more sunshine than rain lately. Mother Nature is always a little slow on the uptake around these parts.

Soo, summer is scooting along, but there's still a couple of months of heat left, fingers crossed. Here are some things I have been really enjoying this summer:

1. Bath and Body Works' Coconut Passionfruit fragrance

At the beginning of summer, I was looking for a nice, coconutty shower gel and lotion and this is the one I picked. I love this stuff! It smells summery and clean and not too-too coconut. They aren't going to mistake it for Hawaiian Tropic at the office and assume you're taking off early to hit the beach, let's put it that way. I don't have the spray but I did pick up the shower gel and lotion.

2. Brown cork wedges from Payless

I don't know why I resisted wedges for so long. There's something about some wedge styles that makes the wearer look clunky and uncoordinated and I definitely do not need any help in that department! That being said, I finally picked up a pair of wedges this spring and I'm happy I did. They're a comfortable alternative to heels but they still give you some height. Plus, you're much less likely to get trapped in the cracks on the boardwalk and you don't create divets walking across the lawn.

3. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

I looooooooove these. They're actually a decent size, and they taste good, so they're satisfying. Some ice cream sandwiches have 400+ calories!! These are perfect for a hot day dessert. They also offer instant portion control, unlike the tub of Birthday Party ice cream that's slowly but surely dwindling in the freezer right now.

4. Fresh strawberries

I have strawberries every single day in some form. Strawberries on a bagel. Strawberries mixed in yogurt. Strawberries in salads. Strawberry smoothies. GIVE ME MOAR.

5. The Help

I started this book on Monday after finding it at Costco for just $10.99 (it was $18.50 at Chapters...cheapskates take note!) Also, the Costco version doesn't have the ghastly movie cover. Super good read.

6. iTunes Radio

Lately I have been listening to Absolute Radio while I work. It's from the UK so it's fun to listen to them griping about rush hour traffic tie-ups in London when I'm just having my lunch. I have it on right now. I also enjoy the classical stations, which I listen to only because I read somewhere that classical music makes babies smarter.

7. Joe Fresh

Since moving out to BFE my shopping trips are fewer and farther between. Thank goodness for Joe Fresh, which is available at our local supermarket. Sadly, more than 50% of my clothing purchases this year have come from Joe. I don't even care that I've taken to buying outfits at the same place I get eggs and toilet paper. This summer they've had lots of nautical-looking stripes and empire-waist sundresses, both of which work for me. The empire waist is a godsend for almost-six-months-pregnant ladies who refuse to buy maternity clothes, btw. (PS - I have that striped dress. $19!!)

8. Grapefruit Perrier

My friend Victoria served a yummy drink made of grapefruit Perrier and cranberry juice recently and it's gotten me hooked on the stuff. Since alcohol is off the table, flavoured fizzy water is a nice substitute for boozy drinks, has zero calories and is very refreshing on hot days. I have been drinking it mixed with juice, straight up, and with berries thrown in.

9. Big Brother

Love this show...I love this season too. Even the tools like Brenchel.

Those are a few of the things that are keeping me happy this summer, in addition to the obvious ones like sunshine, beach days, barbecues and afternoons on the deck. Feel free to share some of your favourite things this summer. How are you staying cool/sane/happy?

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  1. i have wondered about that book, if it was any good or not. I think I may have to pick it up now.

    I also am very tempted to try those ice cream sandwiches after you mentioned them.

    P.s. I LOVE joe fresh! Their clothes seem to be made well and they have excelling prices. Especially when stuff is on clearance its REALLY on clearance, like $4 shirts!!! lol

  2. It's a really good book - hard to put down!

    Definitely try the ice cream sandwiches! They feel like a real treat and they aren't bad for you at all.

    I know what you mean about joe fresh clearance. Most of my gym shirts are $4 t-shirts and all my shorts are their $8 jersey shorts :)

  3. OMG, my husband used to listen to Absoilute Radio when we lived in the UK, now hes moved to Q104. So love NS and so do not miss the UK. Been here 4 months now and loving the heat! Will look out for the shower gel! - Natasha

  4. I'm listening to Absolute Radio right now, Natasha!