Rules are made to be broken.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Today's post is inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop:

In honor of the “white” after Memorial Day rule, name a fashion rule that you either break or enforce.

Over the past year or two, there's one fashion rule I have started breaking on the regular. Lately, a few times a week, in fact.

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I KNOW they're not pants. I know they're totally inappropriate. I know it takes the same amount of time to pull on a pair of leggings as it does to put on real pants, I get it, I know it's wrong. And I don't want to be right.

I held off forEVER on buying leggings. I thought they were vulgar and nasty and cheap and trashtastic. I promised myself I would never resort to substituting leggings for pants.

Then I kept seeing them everywhere, with cute tunics and long, soft sweaters and knee-high flat boots and they just looked so comfy and cute.

"One pair," I told myself.

I ended up buying two pairs because they were on sale, two for $20. Sensible black and gray. And a nice long tunic top to wear with them that covered the bum.

The first time I wore my leggings outside of the house was to a wine festival and I refused to take my long coat off at the event because I felt overexposed in my non-pants. I could just picture some snot coming up to me and sneering "excuuuuuse me, I think you've forgotten something". But oh, I was comfortable.

Fast-forward a year and a half and I have four pairs of leggings. They make a regular rotation in my wardrobe. I wear them at home with t-shirts and tanks, and out with long button-downs, long cardigans and the like. My rule of thumb is 1) if you can't see your ass hanging out and 2) if you can't see through them - THEY COUNT AS PANTS. You will never see me prancing around in white leggings. I don't wear them to work. I do wear them to get-togethers, to run errands, to the movies, or to hang out at home. They're comfortable, they don't take up a lot of room in the closet, they're cheap and they're versatile. "Leggings are not pants", in my opinion, is one rule that is made to be broken.

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