10 nice things to think about today

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Today was a clustereff from start to finish. I woke up feeling awful and had to knock off work for a few hours to sleep because looking at my computer monitor was making my eyeballs actually fall out of my head. Once I finally woke up, ate a couple rolls without barfing, and got back to work, it felt like everything went wrong, one thing after another. It was one of those days you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed in the first place.

Instead of dwelling on all that, here's a list of 10 much nicer things to concentrate on today.

[1] Peter came home from work armed with two DQ Blizzards. Funny how my appetite appeared out of thin air when he showed up holding a small Brownie Batter Blizzard. The power of ice cream.

[2] Fresh sheets on the bed. Nothing like crawling into crisp bedding that's just been washed.


[3] My Barbie pyjamas. Thank you Joe Fresh Style!

[4] Seeing the first green shoots of lettuce popping up in my veggie planters. There's also what looks like some carrots and one bean poking through. Fresh salads coming up!

[5] Sally Hansen nail polish. The bright, fun colours add a little pop to an otherwise neutral outfit or dreary day and they're so inexpensive you can stock up. Getting a new nail polish is my go-to when I'm feeling the need to treat myself but don't want to inhale more junk food or splurge on clothes.

[6] Homemade chilli with big button mushrooms. We had some for dinner last night and it was delicious. Even though it's June and not really chilli-eating season, the weather was cold, damp and dreary and a hearty supper was welcome.

[7] Boston beating Vancouver 8-1 last night. I know I'm Canadian and should be rooting for the Canucks but I've been to Boston multiple times...I feel more of a connection with Boston than the west coast. Plus, the whole finger-biting shenanigans are just foolish.

[8] New magazines in the mail. There may be a postal strike on but Glamour still arrived yesterday!

[9] Making vacation plans. The first week of July we'll be at the cottage with the dog. I can't wait! We're already stocking up on beach reads and I plan to pick up a jigsaw puzzle because there's bound to be at least one rainy evening. Other plans include sitting on the beach, eating fried clams and BBQ, bonfires, and throwing the dog into the ocean to see if he'll swim.

[10] Arcade Fire coming to Halifax July 28! Metallica's also coming July 14. I'm not going to the Metallica concert (how stupid would a 5-months pregnant woman look waddling around in my little sundresses) buuuut it's an outdoor concert so I might try to scope out a place where I can sit outside and hear but not necessarily see them. I'll pretend to be reading an Emily Giffen novel and eating a cupcake but I'll be internally rocking out to Enter Sandman and One.

What's making you happy these days?

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