Finish what you start.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've tried many times over the past few days to put a post together, but for some reason, stringing words together to form a sentence is hard. My mind feels like it's all over the place and all I really want to do is watch Friday Night Lights and nap. Here's a random sample of posts I have started, and not finished, since last week:

1. How our puppy no longer has gonads and how I cried when dropping him off at the vet. Rory is a champion neuteree and has been doing splendidly since "the procedure". He's back to his old self, running around and leaping up stairs five at a time, making me cringe in phantom crotch pain just thinking about his little stitches ripping out.

2. How my car smells like so.much.ass. after spilling an entire McDonald's hot chocolate on the floor of the passenger seat and having it soak into the carpet and floor mats. At first, it smelled awesome - the entire car had the aroma of hot chocolate - fast forward a week and it's just rotten. Plus my surprise wifely gesture of bringing Peter a hot chocolate one afternoon got ruined when I presented him with an almost-empty paper cup with some brown sludge in the bottom and said, "Well, I tried." Not quite the desired effect.

3. How I gave up caffeine and alcohol, arguably my two favourite things, for Lent. So far it's been one week off the caffeine and the booze and feeling great! I've been drinking decaf pumpkin spice tea in the mornings, so I still have a hot drink to start off my day. After a wicked headache my first day with no coffee, it's been easy and I actually feel better than I have in ages.

4. How nice things are lately. People are being fun and generally pleasant, work is great, the sun is shining a little longer in the evenings, the first green mystery sprouts are popping up in the flower beds. Spring starts in five days and things are already feeling just a little warmer and better.

So that's it, in a nutshell. No coffee, no wine, no balls, stinky car, and I'm happy. That's what's up.

(PS. If you know how to get rotten-funk smell out of carpet, pleeeeeeeease pass along your tips. Every time I get in the car I dry heave. Dry heaving is not a good look.)

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