Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I love Sunday mornings at home. Sunday morning usually involves sleeping in a little, then getting up and enjoying a leisurely breakfast while flipping through a magazine or sitting around on our laptops like a couple of dorks. Today it was just yogurt, granola, and tea - nothing fancy, but taking the time to actually sit at the table and taste the food (usually I eat breakfast while running around half-dressed getting ready for work) is so nice.

Once breakfast is done and cleaned up we usually putter around the house for a while. Today I tidied, dusted, swept and vacuumed the house while talking to my parents on the phone. Again, nothing special...but it's nice to get that stuff out of the way and have the house looking clean and tidy after a hectic week of neglecting chores. Then I made a loaf of bread. By "made a loaf of bread" I mean "dumped a bunch of stuff in the breadmaker and pressed start".

These are some of my favourite moments of the whole week - quiet times at home, eating good food, reading, chatting with my husband, throwing a stick in the yard for the dog. I love getting dressed up to go to a nice dinner, getting my ass kicked at the gym, impromptu shopping sprees, and rowdy nights out as much as the next girl. Sometimes it just feels better to be home and appreciate quieter moments. Sunday morning is the perfect time to slow down, take a deep breath and just be for a little bit, before the craziness of the next work week begins and after the first whirlwind chunk of the weekend is over.

How do you like to spend Sunday mornings?

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