2010 Year in Review

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"...but Amy!" you say. "2010 has only just begun! Why are you doing a year in review already?"

I'll tell you why. 2010 has managed to cram so much extreme suck into less than four weeks, I'm declaring this year over. Tomorrow is January 1, 2011, and therefore I'm free from the Curse of 2010.

The past month has been one never-ending panic attack, coupled with night sweats, an ulcer on a tremendous growth spurt, and almost daily crying jags. I started the year with big aspirations, plans, and optimism. Life has managed to Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kick me in the face on a multiple-times-a-day basis since this godforsaken year began.

My coworkers and friends agree. We all want to stage a do-over of January, or, better yet, skip to 2011. It seems this year hasn't been kind to very many people I know. So...we're done with it.

So get set to flip your calendars ahead by about a dozen pages, because tomorrow is a fresh start, a new-new year, and if it takes skipping an entire 11 months in my own twisted little mind to make myself feel OK with things, so be it. I'm fine with being 11 months ahead.

Other things I'm starting to do more to maintain my sanity:

-Running like a crazy person
-Planning an all-inclusive this spring. The ultimate vacation--I'm convinced this is the only way to truly relax and not have to think while traveling. The biggest decision I want to make all week is whether to order a pina colada or a mojito.
-Reading chick lit--again, minimal thinking required
-Weekly yoga
-Scheduling a spa day and a weekend visit home
-Making to-do lists of epic proportions and doing a Napoleon Dynamite-style "yessss!" every time I cross something off.

Happy New Year! Coincidentally, there are three bottles of champagne on my kitchen counter. Auld Lang Syne, y'all.

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  1. Do you know where you want to go for your all inclusive? I've done this about 3 times myself and it's the best thing ever!

  2. Probably Punta Cana in the DR...apparently it has the best beaches. We went two years ago and it was the nicest vacation week ever!

  3. Yep, worst month ever. So long 2010, you've been a bitch.

  4. Amen, sister.

    I'm ready to take a mulligan on this year...

  5. :) Lists help years make me feel better about what's going on. I agree though-- this January has been INSANE insane. Kicking my ass. Champagne helps :)

  6. Love your blog - just discovered it for the first time. Freakin' hilarious and makes me smile. And I agree - January sucked so bad fast forwarding this year would be awesome.