In a Funk

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have the February blahs in a wicked way. Tonight I made excuses to get out of not one, not two, but THREE socializing opportunities in favour of sitting home to blog, eat, and go to the gym, alone. This is so weird and unlike me!! I'm pooped and have no desire to see my friends or go out, which makes me feel old and depressed and boring.

The weekend is coming up and my plans include cleaning the apartment, taking lots of naps, and going to see a movie, which seems like a tremendous effort. And you know what's sad? I'm just as excited for this weekend as I was for last weekend in NYC. The prospects of having free time and catching up on sleep are positively thrilling right now.

I don't know if I should be happy about being satisfied by such simple things, or freaked out by the fact that cleaning my apartment is appealing to me. I'm just feeling a little exhausted and glum. I'm tired of winter, I'm tired of the gym, I'm tired of it getting dark so bloody early in the evenings. I want the sun to get warm and stay out longer. I want to be able to run outside, not on a treadmill. I don't want to have to worry about the weather forecast before I decide to go anywhere.

I really hope spring is just around the corner. In the meantime, the only option is to keep slogging through winter and hope I get out of this funk soon. Right now I am going to put my gym clothes on, run 4 miles, come home and do something that makes me happy--I'm thinking I'm either going to paint or play Guitar Hero--and dream about spring.

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  1. I'm feeling the same way, it's totally the lack of sunshine and the cold. All I want to do is go home and sit on the couch every single day.