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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today was not a great day. I'm feeling very tired, very frustrated, and cranky. I had a headache, my hair was uncooperative and looked crappy, my outfit was boring, etc. Work was really busy, yet I felt like I got very little accomplished. I had trouble concentrating (probably because of the aforementioned headache...just looking at my monitor hurt my eyes) and spent much of the day getting more and more irritated and stressed. One of my good friends from school had a baby last night and I'd love to visit but I really don't have time, so I feel like a shitty friend. My dad thinks he's got rheumatoid arthritis but won't go to the doctor and my grandmother is seeing a shrink. I'm sure I would too if I'd buried two husbands in the past five years. On top of everything else, I gave up dessert for stupid Lent, so I can't even console myself with a big chocolate brownie or bowl of ice cream. Yogurt and frozen grapes do not cut it when you're feeling this glummish. I want to go shopping but I'm trying to save money for the wedding, and I hate budgeting. I'm still driving around with my broken windshield from Christmas break and a wallet full of American cash I need to convert back to Canadian, but I can't find time to actually make an appointment at Speedy Auto Glass and get into the bank. I really want to either crack into my very nicely stocked wine rack and get obliterated (not a good idea with a 7:30 am meeting tomorrow and a performance review at work in the afternoon), or put on some emo music and sweatpants, get into bed, and have a good sob. The early morning meeting is also keeping me from doing that...can't show up with swollen, puffy red eyes!

I'm determined I'm not going to let February 25 be a shit day. It's 8:47. I have three hours and thirteen minutes left to make today awesome.

1. I am getting into my gym clothes and working out for 45 minutes.
2. I'm going to have a shower with my awesome Philosophy Cinnamon Buns shower gel that smells actually good enough to eat.
3. I'm going to wrestle with H2B. I always kick his ass. He is super careful not to bang my head against the hardwood floor, whereas I totally beat the crap out of him, stone-cold stunner style.
4. Before we fall asleep, I'm going to make H2B tell me things he likes about me and things I'm good at. I'm going to make a mental note of them, and then pull them out during my performance review at work tomorrow :D

OK...three hours and six minutes left. Time is a-tickin'. If I'm going to salvage this Wednesday, I've got to move! Surprisingly, I feel a bit better even after writing this post.

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  1. I gave up Starbucks (or any other coffee "out") for Lent and I want to kill myself, seriously.

  2. Ooops. I'm here now-


  3. Ughhhh you're punishing yourself huge time :( Last year I gave up Diet Coke and it was pretty brutal.