Weekly Meal Plan

Monday, January 11, 2016

Yesterday morning I spent half an hour making Buddha bowls for this week's lunches. I cooked up a pot of brown rice, sauteed some broccoli, green onions, and sweet potatoes, and drizzled on some peanutty dressing, borrowed from this recipe. Today, as I hoofed it to the French bakery around the corner to buy a chocolate tart after lunch, I realized my portions are a little small, so I'll be beefing up the rest of this week's lunches with some sliced avocado and chopped peanuts. I can't be buying supplementary chocolate tarts at $5.52 a pop every day! Do I look like I'm MADE OF MONEY?

This photo is unrelated to anything that's happening this week. I made bread once. It's unlikely to happen anytime soon.
I just whipped up a little meal plan action for the rest of the week. It's Monday, I'm freezing, I have a headache that just won't quit, and I'm exhausted from a crappy sleep thanks to crazy wind and rain last night, so it's not the most elaborate or exciting meal plan in the world. That being said, here's what we'll be eating. Reading other bloggers' meal plans makes my heart go pitter-patter, so I thought I'd share too.

Monday: quinoa-crusted haddock with sweet potato wedges and roasted broccoli
Tuesday: grilled cheese sandwiches and salads
Wednesday: Peter is taking care of Wednesday's dinner and IT BETTER BE GOOD!
Thursday: veggie chilli with nacho chips. This is my favourite quick weeknight chilli recipe, and it makes a lot, but not so much that we have chilli to deal with for days afterwards.
Friday: pizza

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  1. Insta-hungry! Quinoa haddock sounds soooo good. It all sounds tasty.

    1. We just buy the Jane's haddock! Haha. Nothing easier than throwing frozen fish in the oven. I use it in fish tacos too and it's a great weeknight shortcut.