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Monday, January 18, 2016

[watching] On TV, we've been glued to Making a Murderer. I've been trying not to read too many articles until we're finished the series in an attempt to draw my own conclusions. We saw The Revenant yesterday and I highly recommend seeing it on the big screen. The cinematography is fantastic and I really enjoyed the movie, even though it was two and a half hours long (I usually hate long movies!)

[cooking] We had a snow day on Saturday and I made this Black Bean Tortilla Soup, which is really easy. I used pomegranate salsa which gives it a little sweet/spicy kick. I topped it with some sliced avocado and tortilla chips and it was perfect for a cold, snowy night.

[reading] I just finished Eight Hundred Grapes and didn't like it at all. Now, I'm almost done The Vacationers and really enjoying this one.

[baking] I'll be baking Pete's birthday cake this week but the recipe is top secret for now! I did make these soft pretzels without yeast on the weekend. They didn't *look* great but they tasted really good. Perfect football snack.

[wearing] It's been cold so I've basically been wearing 600 layers every day. Usually a sweater and some skinny pants - nothing terribly exciting. I ordered these Sperry duck boots which were on mega sale at The Bay this weekend. I have Sorels, but they're huge, tall, clunky, and make me look like I'm six years old when I wear them to commute to work, so I wanted an option that's still really warm and sturdy but a wee bit sleeker. OH! I almost forgot my new favourite pants. Gap zip ponte leggings - these are game changers, ladies. Nice enough to wear to work but they feel like gym clothes. I'll take 100 pairs, please. 

[moving] Last week I made it to the gym every day! I have been moving more thanks to my new Fitbit, which is the most effective motivator for me when it comes to adding extra activity to my days.

[planning] We're thinking about taking a family vacation this winter but nothing is planned yet, so we need to get cracking and figure that out. I'm dreaming of somewhere warm but the Canadian dollar is so shitty right now it's hard to decide. Pete's birthday is this Thursday so we're going to have a nice dinner Thursday night and we're going on a little weekend getaway next weekend, so I'm looking forward to that! On a more practical note I'm making plans to weed through Eli's toys and books and donate some. I feel like this is going to need to be a covert operation because there's no way he's going to willingly part with any of his stuff.

[creating] Our ensuite bath reno is almost done! We just need a vanity, which has been the hardest part, but we've finally found something we both love so we should have it installed in about two weeks. And then we'll be done. This has been the longest renovation project in the entire world. I can't wait to take a celebratory bubble bath when everything's finished, but it's going to look nice and hopefully be worth it.

[wanting] to go snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

[loving] a perfectly poached egg on avocado toast, Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee (doesn't matter that Christmas is long gone), blanket scarves, meal planning.

[three things to do this week] get Eli's passport photos taken and his renewal form dropped off; order vanity; buy birthday gift and card

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  1. I work with 100+ people so I've had the 'do you think he's guilty or innocent?' chat about 100 times. Everyone is so strong in their opinions my head is yet to stop spinning over it all!
    I think I have you beat on the longest renovation project ever. Our house has been in shambles for two years. Clean one mess, make another - story of my life. Oh, but there's nothing nicer than that celebratory bubble bath, it really does make it all worth it. Have some wine handy!