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Thursday, December 04, 2014

We don't watch much TV at our house, generally sticking to one or two series at a time, which we'll either DVR or watch on Netflix. I'm not much of a "watch whatever's on TV" person, probably because I don't have a ton of free time to spend in front of the television. Lately, we're making our way through How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and The Walking Dead on AMC, but now it's on a mid-season break - is there anything else we should be watching? For reference, we also liked Breaking Bad and The Office and are impatiently waiting for more Orange Is The New Black and Mad Men (well, Mad Men is mostly me.)

There haven't been a ton of movies lately I've been interested in, but I saw Mockingjay recently and really liked it. I think it was my favourite of the three books too. I'm looking forward to Wild (gotta read the book first) and Unbroken (read it and loved it.)

Speaking of books, I'm almost (finally) finished I Am Charlotte Simmons and I couldn't be happier to see a book come to an end. It's literally 600+ pages of a rich old white man complaining about KIDS THESE DAYS. There are a few books I have on my to-read list and hopefully they don't weigh 25 pounds like this stupid Charlotte Simmons, which requires its own tote bag to carry it on the bus.

I've still been listening to 1989 a lot but otherwise I'm pretty out of the music loop and it's been all Christmas playlists on Songza. Also, Serial. New episode today, so I need to get caught up!

What about you? What have you been reading, watching, listening to? Any recommendations I need to check out?

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  1. Watch Suits. I was recently in need of watching something and I am obsessed. Such an amazing series. I also am a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey... I watched everything on Netflix over Easter weekend this year... like major binge-watched that one.

  2. I heart The Mindy Project! So very much. I'm also a very nostalgic TV gal, so Friends, Sex and the City, and Fresh Prince are go to feel-gooders.

    As for new shows, I haven't watched a lot, except the occasional Two Broke Girls or NCIS.

    Listening to: Alvvays, Hey Rosetta!, Stars.

    Just finished Bossypants and am just starting in on that book 'The Secret History'. Hope to read more this weekend - been a busy one!

  3. watching The Killing on Netflix, detective series with so many twist and turns and a great female lead, love it