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September intentions

Friday, September 05, 2014

It may not feel much like September outside - hellooooo, heat and humidity! But the kiddos are back to school, #PSL is back on the Starbucks menu, and we finally got to flip our kitchen calendar and stop staring at the stunned kitten that was the August page. It can only mean one thing: September is here.

Yeah, I went school supply shopping. Never mind the fact I haven't been in school in 10+ years. 
September might be my favourite month. I love the back-to-school, let's-get-organized, fresh start vibe of September after a summer of chaos and generally half-assing most things in my life - chores, workouts, cooking, anything resembling a schedule. I love that it still feels like summertime during many days, but the nights cool off to a comfortable temperature. All kinds of fun things are happening in September: we have some family birthdays, some parties to attend, some things to celebrate.

And, I have to admit, I don't hate the thought of being able to make meals in my crockpot again. Or watching football. Or ordering a #PSL. 

Let's talk about September goals and plans! Here are a few of mine: 

[+] try a new recipe every week (here's what I'll be making this Sunday if you're interested!) 
[+] create a home improvement to-do spreadsheet. We're talking budgets and timelines, room by room. Note, I don't need to actually complete anything on the spreadsheet; just making the document is enough work for now. I'm always like, "I want to replace that light fixture" or "we should paint this room" and then it doesn't get done and then I have little fits of feeling like I hate our entire house, when really, a few small cosmetic changes would mean a world of difference and don't necessarily need to be costly or super time consuming.
[+] finish one crafty project
[+] read a book (started this one on the bus this morning)
[+] get reacquainted with my fancy camera and wrangle my kid into a photoshoot
[+] have a bonfire

Above all, I want to enjoy September and soak up as much sunshine, outdoor stuff, and downtime as I can before we get into the craziness that is October through December. (Thanksgiving! Halloween! Eli's birthday! CHRISTMAS! It's allllll so close).

Happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely weekend and that September is being kind to you so far. 

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