Let's go shopping!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Last weekend, I cleaned out my closet (anyone jump right to Eminem when they hear that, or nah? "Cleanin' out my clawwwwwset"? Just me? Oooooookay.) I was able to cull a big garbage bag full of clothes I no longer wear, which we all know means one thing: ROOM FOR NEW FALL CLOTHES!

I've been reading a lot of blog posts lately about cultivating a capsule wardrobe, and while I'm not quite ready to cut it down to just 30 pieces per season, I can get behind the idea of having a simple, streamlined closet containing only clothing that fits well, serves multiple purposes, is flattering, and is of good quality. And it's hard when I get 20 emails a day with all sorts of deals and discounts on so many cute things. (I know the easy solution would be to unsubscribe from these emails, but mostly I just like to look at them at the start of the day. 10 minutes of scrolling through Old Navy and Joe Fresh is better than a cup of coffee at 8AM.)

To keep myself on track for fall shopping, I'm trying to identify the things I feel best in and enjoy wearing the most, making a list centered around those few items, and sticking to it. I want to spend my money on pieces I'll wear a lot, not trendy things that might see the light of day once or twice. I like to buy clothes that I can wear to work and on weekends, versus pieces such as dresses or skirts that may not transition as well between seasons or situations. You won't find me in a skirt on a Saturday, but skinny jeans can work any day of the week.

Here are a few of the things I'm excited to wear when the temperatures eventually fall...which I hope isn't too soon, because I still want at least three solid beach days:

1. Sweatshirts: last year was the year of the jeweled sweatshirt, and I still enjoy that look. I have also seen some cute print versions this year. Even a plain gray sweatshirt can look nice if it fits right!

leopard-print sweatshirt - joe fresh

2. Skinny pants: I just like skinny pants best and I don't see that changing - sorry, bootcuts, boyfriends, and wide legs. Skinny jeans look great with flats or heels and they tuck into boots neatly, and that versatility makes them easy to wear year round. Dark or black skinnies are my go-to pants so another pair would be great to add to the rotation.

1969 always skinny jeans - gap

3. A leather-esque pant: this is a bit of a departure for me but I think as long as they're not too tight, too rockstar, too shiny, or too squeaky, black leather(ish) pants can look great with casual shoes and a soft sweater and this year I'm going to bite the bullet and do it.
sloan-fit faux-leather pant - banana republic

4. Riding boots: I will always be down for a great pair of riding boots. Even when they aren't cool anymore (maybe they already aren't cool. I'll be wearing them regardless). I have a dark brown pair and I'd like a nice black pair to add to my closet. These Tory Burch ones would be a splurge, but I just love 'em.
tory burch teresa boot (black) 

5. Plaid: my second-favourite pattern after stripes. You can pry my stripes out of my cold dead hands, but I do like a little plaid here and there too. Feels very academic in the fall. This t-shirt from Joe Fresh is a fun way to wear it that looks a little less lumberjackish than a button-down.
plaid t-shirt - joe fresh

6: A military-style jacket: in the fall, usually I wear a trench coat, which is great as it works with almost everything. A military jacket is a wee bit more casual (i.e. I wouldn't look like so much of a flasher if I wore it with my gym clothes, for example) but still pulled-together enough to wear to work.
anorak - american eagle

I like that these are all pretty classic pieces that I'll be able to wear for a long time. They also work well with a lot of the things I already own and can be mixed and matched easily, dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I'm definitely not quite ready for summer to be over yet, but I do find it easier to get dressed for work especially when the weather's a bit chillier. Summer can be a tricky time for pulling together outfits that are somewhat professional but still comfortable on hot, humid days.

What about you - anything you're excited to wear this fall? Let's all blow our paycheques together!

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  1. I'm just excited to dress like a "grown up" again in a professional setting! Now the key for me is to look the part and not get confused as a student (which happened the other day in the elevator...but I took that as a compliment).

    1. Getting confused for a student is definitely a good thing! I bet you're excited to dress for work again...and it's a great excuse to go shopping.