The new workout plan

Friday, March 07, 2014

Remember when you were a kid, and summer vacation rolled around, and you put on your bathing suit and just WENT TO THE BEACH? And you were pasty and pale and weird looking, and it didn't matter? You were just psyched to be building sand castles and splashing in the waves. I miss those days.

We're a little more than six weeks out from our Jamaican vacation and I'm terrified of getting into a bathing suit and hitting the beach. My body is very...winter-esque. Yeah, I've been going to the gym, but I've also been watching a lot of TV and sitting in general in between. And eating. And drinking. I don't think jogging five or six kilometres a couple times a week is enough to offset all teh food and drinks and sitting. It doesn't help that my skin is so white it's pretty much see-through.

Real talk: I don't know how much I weigh, nor do I care...I'm not trying to 'lose weight', per se. I want to be more toned, tighter, more compact all over. I don't want to have as many wobbles as I do now. Obviously I am not expecting any miracles to happen in six-ish weeks but that feels like enough time to see a little improvement.

So here goes...Kanye's new workout plan.

What I currently do: BodyPump class or yoga
New workout plan: BodyPump class or yoga PLUS 30 min easy cardio (even walking the dog counts)

What I currently do: 3-4 mile run
New workout plan: 3-4 mile run PLUS BodyShred class at the gym and a 15-minute NTC workout at home

What I currently do: 6-7 mile run. Or nothing, as was the case this week. Sup unplanned rest day.
New workout plan: 6-7 mile run PLUS 15-minute NTC workout

What I currently do: 3-4 mile run
New workout plan: 3-4 mile run PLUS 15-minute NTC workout

What I currently do: Sometimes a short run, sometimes some half-assed cardio. Sometimes nothing (example: today)
New workout plan: Do SOMETHING. Can be easy cardio plus a 15-minute NTC workout, can be a run...just get out of the rut of being lazy on Fridays and commit to doing something active for 45+ minutes.

What I currently do: Long gym workout - a little cardio to warm up and cool down and a long weights workout in between.
New workout plan: Keep this up. This is the workout that feels like it's accomplishing the most each week, probably because I do take my time and give it a lot of effort. As the weather gets nicer, add in more easy cardio on Saturdays (e.g. long walk)

What I currently do: Long run (anywhere from six to 12 miles)
New workout plan: Keep doing Sunday long runs! A must for distance training - this is also a challenging day and probably the highest calorie burn of the week

I'm also hoping that with the time change and warmer (???) temperatures on the way, getting out for walks after work with Eli and Rory will be easier / less torturous than it has been in this cold, dark, barbaric winter for a little extra cardio action most days.

So what does this mean? No days off? I plan on taking a rest day here or there when I feel like it, but not scheduling mandatory rest days. I'll play it by ear.

As for eating, I don't want to get too crazy and only eat salads for six weeks, but there are a few things I will cut back or cut out:

1. ADDED SUGARS. My weakness. See ya, chocolate and cookies :'(
2. EXCESS ALCOHOL. Keeping it to two drinks a week max.
3. EXCESS CAFFEINE. One cup in the morning - c'est tout.
4. WHITE/REFINED STARCHES. Quinoa and I are gonna be real good buddies over the next little while.
5. EATING WHILE STANDING UP. Horrible habit: get home from work and ransack the cupboards eating nibbles of different things. New rule: I will only eat when I'm sitting down! I hope this will curb mindless snacking.

Things I will eat and drink more of:

1. LEMON WATER every morning. Then, TONS of water throughout the day, every day
2. DETOX GREEN TEA. We have it at work and it's a nice pick-me-up midmorning
3. PROTEIN. Eggs for breakfast, nuts for snacks, lean protein sources with meals, more beans...sometimes I don't work hard enough to get protein with every meal, but I always feel better and more satisfied when I do.
4. WHOLE FOODS. I'm pretty good at this, but always room for improvement. We eat very few processed foods at home, but I do like to have my bowl of cereal or my crackers here and there. But there are always healthy, whole alternatives!
5. VEGGIES. Again, pretty good at this but I would like to get better at filling up on veggies as opposed to grains.

So there you go: my six-week plan to get beach-ready-ish. It's not rocket science, but I feel like thinking it through, breaking it down, and writing down specifics is going to help. And hitting 'publish' on this post. Now you guys can hold me accountable. Don't let me near the doughnuts.

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  1. Sounds like a very detailed plan! I also have terrible habits after getting home from work - it's like I must give the cabinets attention after leaving them (and the food inside of them) alone all day!