Five things I've been wearing all the time lately.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

1. Gray Ankle Boots - I picked these up at Old Navy a few months ago in a VERY RARE moment of fashion foresight. I see similar booties everywhere now and have been asked where I bought them. Apparently there are a pair of Fryes that are almost the same as well as the Rag & Bone Newbury boots, which are really similar. Only difference is, mine cost $35. The Rag & Bones are currently $577 on the Nordstrom site. Oof.

(So they're not identical. But they're approximately $540 apart in price. I'm OK with it.)

2. Skinny Jeans - I have finally, after JUST THREE DECADES, figured out the style of pants that works best for my shape. Last week, I wore a pair of wide-legged, light-gray pants that are not overly long in the legs...and I wore them with black shoes. My legs have never looked stumpier. Lesson learned. What I do love are straight/skinny jeans in a dark colour. Again, Old Navy to the rescue with their $19 jeans sale (I'm beginning to sound like an Old Navy publicist here). I picked up two pairs, the Rockstar in this dark hue and the Diva in a lighter shade.

3. Scarves - Our office temperatures fluctuate wildly and sometimes you don't want to wear a huge sweater, but you don't want to shiver and freeze in a thin t-shirt. Scarves to the rescue. I have a pretty good scarf collection going and they've come in really handy this winter. If you are looking to expand your scarf collection, Stella and Dot's scarves are fantastic - huge, soft and really versatile (I have my eye on this one.) Chapters is also killing it in the scarf department.

4. lululemon Practice Daily pants - My favourites for the gym lately. These are comfy, NOT see-through, perfect length, they have pockets, and they have a little satiny strip up the side that makes them just a smidge fancier than regular leggings. I can't find them on the lulu Canada website so maybe they aren't available anymore. If so, that's sad news, because they're awesome. 

5. Roots hoodie - It feels like every Sunday I don this puppy. What's not to like: it's soft, warm, and cozy. On Sundays, I usually go for a long run, come home, have a hot shower, and then lounge around in comfy clothes for the rest of the day. This hoodie fits the bill perfectly. TIP: If you are a lady who wears small-ish sizes, opt for a kids' XL rather than a ladies XS/S. This hoodie cost me $36 instead of the $72 version made for adults. 

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  1. I've been wearing this a lot lately: (SO COMFY)

    I love Old Navy's selection. I really like their workout clothes as they don't break the bank! And I have to get back into scarves. Your link to Stella and Dot sent me down a bit of an 'I WANT!' rabbit-hole! haha

    1. I like that hoodie! I think I need one of their tank tops for spring (IF SPRING EVER COMES). Old Navy has had some great pieces lately and so affordable. I avoided shopping there for a long time because stuff was meh but I am liking their new pants and spring stuff!