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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The past two months have been a blur, but here's a little summary: worked a TON. Went to Jamaica for vacation and to Toronto for work. Celebrated a lot of birthdays: my brother's, assorted little persons', my own, my niece's and my parents. Said hello to another new baby niece. Signed up for a 10K. Saw the Red Sox wallop the Blue Jays. Welcomed spring. Reconnected with some friends. 

I started a new blog, but I haven't shared it. I have the URL and I'm still playing around and figuring out whether to stay here or move away. I don't want to do too much either way until I actually have time to dedicate to it - which is not now, but maybe over the summer. We'll see. 

In the meantime, let's do a little 'taking stock'

Making: a lot of lists. Meal planning, home renos, things I need to buy, people I need to call. 
Cooking: nothing for lunches this week thanks to Sunday meal prep: a big pot of quinoa with a whole bunch of things thrown in (chopped peppers, mushrooms, kale, craisins, almonds, garlic, sea salt, evoo, lemon juice)
Drinking: water, coffee, and Hot Mama tea
Reading: We Are Water by Wally Lamb
Wanting: a weekend at home. Sleeping in (even 7:00 would be nice), eggs for breakfast, and some latte & magazine time before getting into the day. Plus I am in desperate need of a good gym session and a whole lotta spring cleaning.
Looking: forward to planning my little veggie garden and enjoying some super fresh veggies this summer.
Playing: a lot of Kanye and Mumford and Sons - zero similarities there 
Wasting: time making lists and not acting on them 
Wishing: for the weekend...yep, already. It's Mother's Day weekend, one of the best of the year! 
Enjoying: NOT wearing a winter coat.
Waiting: for fresh strawberry season! I bought a bag of frozen berries yesterday and cried a little. Love those little suckers when they're juicy and sweet (not huge foam chunks)
Liking: the new season of Mad Men. 
Wondering: if I should take the plunge and cancel our cable and landline. We have Netflix and Apple TV and we barely watch TV anyway...but it seems like a big scary step! 
Loving: the feeling of satisfaction of seeing a big project completed - well, partly completed...let's say, coming together.
Hoping: for a refund on something I bought on a whim and didn't think through properly...fingers crossed
Marveling: at how some adults act so.much.like.children.
Needing: to get my studded tires off. I think it's finally time. 
Smelling: creme de cacao shampoo - the best
Wearing: white blouse, red pants, leopard flats


Following: not enough blogs I love. Any recommendations? 
Noticing: my hair is getting out of control
Knowing: this year is going to be BUSY.
Thinking: about summer, running, beach days, cold drinks. 
Feeling: overwhelmed - but slightly less so than in April. 
Bookmarking: lots of healthy stuff on Pinterest: recipes aplenty. Also, DIYs and articles about growing veggies in raised garden beds. And tips for speed cleaning your house. This is my life. 
Opening: the sunroof in my car. 
Giggling: at How I Met Your Mother, season one. Years later, NBD. 
Feeling: like I'm on the verge of getting things back under control. 

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  1. Get rid of the TV and land line!

    We haven't had cable in over two years and even longer without the land line. We make do with Netflix and set of rabbit ears (how ghetto are we?) that pick up CTV and CTV2. Some days I miss being able to flick on a hockey game or some HGTV, but I'd rather have the money in my pocket!

    1. So we did the math and on an average week we PURPOSELY watch two shows = two hours of TV per week = 100 hours of TV a year, maybe? Anyway, we are paying about $10 AN HOUR to watch TV! Ridiculous! We have Apple TV now and can subscribe to our favourite shows that aren't on Netflix or stream them free online. Our landline is essentially useless - no one calls except telemarketers and we can Skype for long distance if necessary. I think the cord needs to be cut!

  2. I JUST got cable back after not having it for 5 years! And it's not much to miss. I still watch Netflix and DVDs. Haven't had a landline for about 7 years. Didn't really miss either.

    I am glad that I wasn't the only one for who these last two months were a complete blur. I feel a bit out of sorts, but hoping to get back into the swing of things and feel organized some day soon. I just moved in April and work has been interesting lately.

    I hope you had a lovely vacation!

    1. Vacation was good but feels like it didn't even happen!

      And yes, the last couple months were nutso. Hope the summer is more calm - more time for fun :)

  3. The only one in our house who watches TV is Topher - Nathan and I just watch DVDs. We originally got cable to Nathan could watch hockey but the Oilers suck and he always turns the channel after the first ten minutes or so, so we're probably going to cancel cable for the summer, at least.

  4. Funny... The one and ONLY episode of HIMYM I ever watched happened to be the very. last. one. WHO DOES THAT? I liked the way it ended so I decided to go back and start from the beginning... Strange, I know.

    I loved your IG photos. Your vacation looked lovely and it seems you are totally rocking Spring. Sadly, we're only seeing the snow melt now so I'm not quite there yet, but a few days off to Spring clean and get my hands dirty has things looking up. I too had a fuzzy couple of months - very overwhelmed at times - feeling not in control - making big decisions - being overly sensitive and emotional. I think I'm over it though... I hope you are too.

    Don't be creeped out, but I totally missed your updates... :)