Friday favourites

Friday, June 14, 2013

1. White jeans: I finally found a pair of skinny-but-not-skintight white jeans to wear this summer. I got them on Sunday...and it's been raining and freezing every day since, so I haven't gotten to wear them. It doesn't mean I haven't been planning outfits.

2. Enchiladas: despite loving Mexican food, I have never eaten an enchilada until this week. I made these Easy & Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas, and the name is pretty accurate. They were easy to put together and they were certainly creamy.

3. This article: The Awful Truth About Jogging. I won't go into any personal details about this (unless you ask.) (no, I have never pooped myself running) (yet)

4. This track: also on the 'running' theme. Sometimes you get tired of running around a hilly neighbourhood looking at the same houses and same yards, and the treadmill is equally unappealing. There's just something about running on the track that makes me feel like I'm actually DOING A SPORT. Even if it's 28 laps all by myself while listening to Blurred Lines on repeat. 

5. Mad Men. I'm really, really liking this season. It's so dark. So much drama. +1 for drama! It's pretty much the only show I watch consistently - that'll change when Big Brother starts again. 

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Please oh please share your white skinny jeans outfits! I have a pair that I love but after wearing them in Vegas I'm having a hard time finding "normal" outfits for them.

    1. I will! It's fiiiiinally getting nice enough outside I can wear them :)