Spring Things

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Spring is just around the corner. I know this not because the days are getting longer, not because there's a bouquet of tulips on my desk, not because the snowbanks are extra filthy, but because I have been getting emails from different retailers EVERY DANG DAY, chockablock full of adorable spring clothes. Pinks and lavenders and greens, ladies frolicking around in cute cropped pants and flats and crisp white shirts. I die. Get me out of these Sorels and into some capris RTFM.

Spring fashion is tricky, especially here in Nova Scotia, where we don't really have spring. We have winter, winter, winter, and then it rains and smells like pig poop for a day or two and then it's blazing hot. This transition happens sometime in June. So traditional springtime things like Easter egg hunts are difficult. Last Easter we had a snowstorm. It's rough.

But a girl can dream of a magical place where there are four seasons, and seasonally-appropriate new outfits for each season, right?

This year's spring wish list looks a bit like this:

1. Cropped jeans - I have been on the hunt for a pair of mint green jeans, which I think would be great with a white or chambray shirt. I don't know, am I too old for mint green jeans? I have the same question about mint green nail polish. Is there an age limit for these things? There are also some print ones I've seen that I like, but drawing attention to my lower body is something I've been trying to avoid for the past TWENTY YEARS so we'll see.

From Gap
2. A striped shirt - Yeah, posted here about my obsession with stripes before, don't care, I take it all back. More stripes, please.
From Banana Republic
3. A new umbrella. I hate umbrellas. Little flashback for you: let's talk about my first umbrella I received as a wee pup. I waited and waited for a rainy day so I could use my new umbrella. It rained, I went outside, I struggled to get the umbrella open, and when I finally got it open, IT STOPPED RAINING and I cried. One of my dad's favourite stories. He tells it a lot better than I do. Anyway, I would like a cute umbrella to help me get from my car to work and vice versa without looking like a drowned rat.
From Asos

4. Something with a ruffle. Nothing too flouncy, just a simple little ruff (we're calling them ruffs now, got it?)
From Old Navy
5. A couple simple dresses. In spring and summer, nothing's easier than throwing on a shift dress and heading out the door. You're good to go in 30 seconds.

From J.Crew
From H&M

6. Maybe a little of this too, not gonna lie. 


That's about it. Maybe a few more flats to add into the rotation, perhaps a pair of wedges I can run around in without breaking my face. 

Mostly I just can't wait to put away the winter woolies. 

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  1. You are never too old for mint green jeans or nail polish. And I'm really obsessing over that umbrella.

    1. All my umbrellas are black and don't really work anymore, so it's an investment I'm probably going to have to make sooner or later. I'm going to try to find some fun pants that don't cost a million dollars, so if I wear them once and feel ridiculous, it won't be a huge loss.

  2. http://www.joefresh.com/en/product/colour-jean

    Joe will take care of your mint green jean needs!!

    Oh, and they have super cute eyelet shorts too:)

    1. Oooh! I have to go to the gym at lunch today, which just happens to be conveniently located in the same building as a huge joe store :)

  3. I got some mint jeans from Marshalls! Did your city get a Marshalls, you could check it out. Also I love that H&m dress. I'm also in love with striped shirts as well so I know what you mean lol

    1. No Marshalls here - boo. Striped shirts are my weakness.