Santa brought me a case of the crankypants pissy-faces

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas was wonderful this year. Zero drama, lots of board games, 5,000 extra calories per day, and enough booze to float a barge. And now it's over, and I've been in a steady downward spiral of sulk for the past three days.

New Year's Eve is my least favourite day of the entire year and the days leading up to it always blow. This year? No exception. After all the fun and frolic is over, the presents are opened and the advent calendar is tossed, there's nothing else to look forward to - just the end of the year looming and a new one about to begin, which, to me, is less about a clean slate and new opportunities and more about scary unknowns and potential for things to go wrong.

Plus, I hate making New Year's Eve plans. New Year's Eve has such high expectations attached to it. For me, staying awake until midnight is an achievement in itself. Dressing up on top of that? Making plans? Partying like a rockstar? Forget it. I always feel like being a hermit on New Year's. I hate the whole idea of being out and surrounded by crowds of people who are also out and all dressed up in their sparkly Le Chateau finery freshly purchased in the Boxing Day sales and having the Best! Time! Ever! because they feel obligated to. I'm just not feeling it.

Christmas went way too quickly and I'm bummed. I love the feelings of family and togetherness and warm, cuddly, coziness the holidays bring. I hate when it ends and everyone's their usual bitchy, petty selves and it's no longer appropriate to wear flannel pyjamas all day long to guard against the cold weather. I wish everybody was Christmas-kind all year long. I really wish I could hibernate from now until the spring. For me, winter stops being fun about the same time the egg nog expires. Once Christmas is over it`s all about windchill factors and pasty skin and chapped lips and failed resolutions for three months.

I definitely need a winter hobby or a project to get me out of my funk. I`m starting a list of things to keep me busy...writing projects, crafts, and some decorating things to spruce the house up over the winter. What are your suggestions for avoiding the winter blahs?

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  1. thats SO true about Le Chateau! LOL

  2. I'm with you on this whole post. I LOVE Christmas and I get so sad when it's over. Pretty sure I have S.A.D., so the prospect of a whole winter to come with no glittery holiday left to look forward to is very bleak. As for New Year's Eve, there is absolutely no way one will find me out amongst the revellers. I had one New Year's Eve in downtown Halifax and it was unequivocally one of the worst experiences of my life. We tried to invite people over to our new house this year, but nobody wanted to come (we were very late extending the invitation). SO, end result? We will make a reservation for a mid-evening dinner and then hibernate for the night. It will be a miracle if I stay awake, and I will likely be bitter. Oh, and I HATE Auld Lang Syne. With a passion.

  3. hklover86 - i've done it before so I know it's true :) Ever been to Le Chateau on New Year's Eve day? Ridiculous.

    Kim - I hate Auld Lang Syne too! I have been anti-new year's pretty much since I became legal age to drink! Normally I love going out downtown but NYE is the most annoying day to do so. There are zero cabs, every place is packed, and I hate paying $40 for cover to a pub that would otherwise be $7. I would much rather hibernate, or even go to or host a small house party with a few friends. It's Bish's last night open so we're going there for dinner which I'm very excited about :)

  4. Typically we don't do anything on New Year's Eve...a few years in a row we got ribs from our favorite rib joint and watched the Eukanuba dog show on tv. We then started a tradition where I make my famous meatballs and sauce and do an Italian dinner night in our jammies and watch movies. This year we're still having meatballs but our entire crew is coming over and we're going to drink, eat and play games...see if we can even make it to midnight :)