Friday Five: Gestures

Friday, June 11, 2010

I was so happy to discover that the Friday Five still exists! This week's is all about gestures.

1. What are your thoughts on “air quotes?”

I hate air quotes. Once in a while I catch myself doing them, and I want to start crying. I knew a chick once who put air quotes around everything she said. I kid you not. Everything. Every time we were having a conversation, and it was her turn to speak, she would find a reason to do air quotes. I'm going to "Subway" to get a "six inch steak and cheese". Do you want me to "pick you up" anything? That's not even exaggerating.

2. If you are the sort to flip someone the bird, what were the circumstances surrounding your most recent flip? If you’re not that type, have you ever, ever used that gesture?

I flip the bird at my friends in sneaky ways like scratching my face or adjusting my glasses. In terms of genuine pissed-off bird flipping I'm not sure when the last time it happened. I know I've done it while driving. Such good manners.

3. What’s a gesture you’ve made up, or what’s a gesture made up by (and shared with) your friends or family?

My sister and I have a dance move where we put one arm straight out in front of us and "wind it up" with the other arm up by our ears. Does that count as a gesture? We make duck faces when we do it too which makes it that much better...gets the whole body involved. It's practically a workout.

4. Are there any gestures that have specific, unique meanings in your workplace?

I'm still new at work so I'm trying to maintain a professional and mature air as long as possible. I've been keeping the gestures pretty minimal. At my old job we had an inside joke that included mimicking fisting.

5. Have you ever received an anonymous gesture of kindness or affection?

Once I went to Tim Horton's drive-thru to get a tea and a bagel, feeling crappy and really sick. The guy in front of me paid for my order, which I thought was an incredibly kind gesture. I felt better all afternoon. Pay it forward, peeps!

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  1. Aw, I adore random acts of kindness. There are an impressive amount of human turds out there and it's refreshing when somebody's surprisingly selfless to a complete stranger :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I agree! I had to think pretty long and hard to come up with that one...there don't seem to be a whole lot of random acts of kindness happening on the regular.

  3. I had someone do that for me one day too - I was on my way to school one night, running late, starving and NOT happy to be sitting in an Astronomy class with 25 nineteen year olds until 10pm. The guy infront of me (In a BMW with license plate "DR" something) paid for my order. Waited for me to leave and he and his son waved at me and said to have a nice night! It made my day =)

  4. Someone did that for me one day too! It was the best feeling ever, such a nice thing! I need to do that for someone else one of these days :)