Pre-Vacation Panic Ensues

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There are exactly 32 hours until our plane takes off for Punta Cana and we get to enjoy a week of doing SFA. Instead of feeling excited, I'm feeling panicky. Like full-on, Ativan-necessitating, pulling-out-my-hair-in-literal-handfuls panicky. The thought of being away from work, away from my BlackBerry and laptop, and away from the day-to-day grind for a full week should make me ecstatic. And I know my worries will disappear with the very first mojito I get my little sunburned mitts around. But in the meantime I feel kind of like I'm having something amputated.

Here's what I'm freaking out about, in no particular order:

-a client emergency will blow up and I won't be there to help fix things.
-my coworkers will realize the world continues turning quite nicely when I'm not around and I come back to find out my desk has been cleared out and I'm unemployed. At least I'll be unemployed with a nice tan.
-something SUPERDUPERIMPORTANT will happen and it'll be old news by the time I get back and I'll be totally out of the loop.
-I won't do a thorough-enough job briefing people that are looking after things and they'll hate me as they struggle to do their own work plus mine and I'll always be known as the jackass colleague.
-people will hate me in general for taking a week off and sabotage my projects.
-no one will care that I've gone away at all.
-some miniscule thing that I didn't do properly is going to rise to the surface and become a behemoth deal and I won't be there to defend myself.

These thoughts have all seriously been clouding my head all.week.long.

If there's a secret to going away on vacation and not stressing beforehand, someone please fill me in. I'm thisclose to packing my BlackBerry, which would be disastrous. I have 32 hours to get everything done and get into vacation mode. I hope to spend at least 14 of that sleeping. HALP!

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  1. Oh Amy! Don't worry. Those worries are all normal. And by normal, I mean I've had them too. So maybe they're not normal? Anyway. It's going to be ok. Don't even think about packing your Blackberry! You'll regret it.

  2. The secret is starting to drink NOW. Enjoy your vacation, and leave that freaking Blackberry AT HOME. Have fun.

  3. I had a lot of these same fears before I took off for a week for my wedding. Everything turned out fine. :) Worry less, and enjoy your vacation! Lord knows we don't get enough of them!

  4. Let me tell you how your co-workers will really feel to see if it helps. Your co-workers, know and will continue to know how much work you do. They will get by and appreciate you even more when you get back.

    Nothing Super duper important is going to happen, we'll email you. Oh no wait, you won't have your black berry. Oh wait, if you take your blackberry, I will personally clear out your desk. Joel and I will drink the booze you have hidden while listening to Hold On. Everyone will just get by until you get back. Instead of all this anxiety, think you've earned it! Because you have. Everyone has those fears. Everyone. But good of you to voice them, that way we feel relieved that someone else feels that way we do. And remember, Ovens always heeeeere.

  5. I had the same worries when I went to the Dominican in January, and the boy was worse - it was exam week at school and he was so worried the kids would be trying to get in touch with him to ask him last minute questions, and then he wouldn't be there, and the parents would complain, and he'd get home to a big "FIRED" letter. I had to let him check his email every day while we were away lol

  6. hope vaca is going extremely well- meaning i hope you didn't pack the crackberry.

  7. I thought you said you don't talk about your feelings - that's ALL you talk about! TMI

  8. I didn't take the Black Berry!!

    Thanks for the kind words Cynthia...but I noticed my booze is missing :)

    "Anonymous"--not sure when I said I don't talk about my feelings...please remind me? If it's TMI, don't read it. Move along. Simple enough.

  9. The post: "Fighting Words - We both hate talking about our feelings,"

  10. You certainly hang on every word. We don't like talking about our feelings to one another for hours on end and hashing things out until 4am. I hate the line "don't go to bed angry"...I'd rather go to sleep!