Fighting Words

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Allow me to preface this post by I have a multitasking problem. Even at home I'm always doing two or more things at once. Right now I'm watching The Office and blogging. At the gym, I'm running, listening to music, and watching TV simultaneously. I call my parents while I'm folding and putting away laundry and needless to say, multitasking at work is the only way I get through the day.

Anyway, I'm hanging out on the couch trying unsuccessfully to unwind from a long workday by multifuckingtasking some more, and I have been perusing I came across a blog post about the writer's first fight with the boyfriend, asking readers what their very first disagreement with their significant other was about.

I've been thinking about it pretty hard and I even asked Peter, and we're both at a loss trying to remember what our first argument was about. It's not that we don't argue, because we do, almost always about stupid things: doing chores, visiting our respective parents, and so on--nothing serious. I feel like not being able to remember our first fight is a good thing. It couldn't have been THAT horrible. We definitely argued a bunch during wedding planning, just because it was a crazy stressful time. And I have a horrible and irritating habit of picking fights over the most idiotic things, which I've been trying to curb.

One thing we're really good at is getting our fights out of our system and not going to bed angry or sooky. We get our bitchery out and deal with it instead of sulking and allowing things to spiral out of control. We both hate talking about our feelings, but we're able to do it when it means the difference between going to sleep content and laying awake huffing and puffing at each other like passive-aggressive choo-choo trains.

But as for that one initial tiff that broke the ice, our first argument as a couple, neither of us can remember what it was. I'm guessing I started it. And it was probably about something completely ridiculous, like Peter asking me if I was hungry and me snapping, "Why do you always think I'm hungry? IS IT BECAUSE I EAT ALL THE TIME? IS IT BECAUSE I'M FAT?????" and then refusing to let it go. Being a female is awesome!

Do you remember your first fight with your s/o or your ex? What was it about?

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  1. LOL I love that!! I don't remember our first fight either - we're pretty good about not fighting, and prefer to deal with things before going to sleep too, but I think maybe one of our first fights was about him not getting excited about things enough (I'm an emotional person, I'm either crying my eyes out in misery or jumping up and down, running around the house in excitement!) and I think it was around the time we booked our first holiday together, and I wanted to jump into his arms with excitement and he said "I've never spent that much money before" LOL and we had a big discussion about how he needed to get more excited about things :)

  2. I can't remember our first fight either. I do remember getting into fights with John because I was in high school and he was already done and he never wanted to come to high school events with me. Now I completely understand where he's coming from but before it drove me crazy.

  3. I haven't had a first fight yet (5 months now..) and I hope I don't for quite some time, haha.