It's the freakin' weekend...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Highlights from the past week:

-hearing the UV index as part of the daily weather forecast/no snow/no rain/double digit temperatures. It's MARCH in Canadialand, so this is a biggish deal. Today I went outside without my coat and was comfortable. Hollaaaaaaaaaa!
-playing basketball with my hubby and beating him twice at 21. White boy can't jump.
-huge client presentation went over swimmingly, much better than anticipated.
-bowls of vanilla frozen yogurt with Cadbury Creme Eggs smooshed up inside.
-discovering the dark cherry mocha at Starbucks. Yum yum!
-coming home to a completely clean apartment yesterday. We're talking kitchen scrubbed, laundry done, linens washed, windows open--it was a wonderful surprise.

Now it's the weekend and plans involve looking at some houses, shopping for our trip (nine more work days-yikes!), a couple of runs including a 10K practice for the Bluenose, possibly yoga or skating, and going to see Alice in Wonderland tonight. And a metric shit ton of work to do...buuuuut, we won't dwell on that too much.

Happy weekend!

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