The weekend cometh.

Friday, October 12, 2012

We have no big plans this weekend, which is just fine with this girl. Last weekend we were on the road doing lots of Thanksgiving traveling and visiting, so for the next couple days, the plan is to lay low. I'm looking forward to eating some good food - our weekly pizza date tonight, and maybe a Sunday roast beef dinner? Might even make some pancakes with the boys, or whip up an apple crisp...craziness. We'll be spending time cleaning up around the house, doing chores we've been neglecting (ahem, washing my car).

We plan on some solid couch time too. It has been brought to my attention that being a 31-year-old female and never having seen Sleepless in Seattle is a bit of an issue. Netflix to the rescue.

Errands will hopefully be kept to a minimum - we need to find a warm jacket for our poor, frosty little baby, and some pumpkins for the front step, but hopefully making a pit stop for a salted caramel mocha will make any running around we have to do more bearable.

Eli and I are heading out to stock up on some key essentials for the weekend today: diapers and Oktoberfest ale. (Ahh, the awkwardness that is carrying your baby into the liquor store. What's up, Judgy McBitchface?) 

Happy weekend!

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