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Friday, October 26, 2012

good idea: taking your baby to visit your family for a couple of days
bad idea: taking your teething, constipated baby to visit your family for a couple of days without your husband as backup

Eli and I are back home today after spending some time in New Brunswick. I got a combined total of about seven hours of sleep the past two nights. Those who know me know that's not a good situation for this girl, who needs at least eight (ideally nine) a night to function. I will forever be jealous of people who do well on three or four hours' sleep. Other than the whole night owl foolishness, we had a great visit - lots of good food, Halloween movies, and snuggling with my baby niece.

Tonight I'm looking forward to putting on my un-sexiest PJs and going to bed at an absurdly early hour. Other plans for the weekend include carving our pumpkins and roasting the seeds, making a pot of chili and a loaf of brown bread, a few good workouts, and a walk with the boys in the park before ***FRANKENSTORM*** hits next week and all hell breaks loose. There isn't much that irritates me more than news headlines about weather before the weather even arrives. Seeing people panic about a storm that may or may not even happen and feeding off one another's panic online makes me want to quit the Internet forever.

We'll also be finishing up Eli's Halloween costume this weekend. Can you guess what he's dressing up as?

Here are some of my favourite things I've spotted online this week. 

Favourite Game: Help Mitt Romney catch as many women as he can with his binder here. (Does anyone else remember the Michael Jackson baby-dropping game?) 

Favourite Music: I've been listening to Red nonstop since Monday.  

Favourite Thing To Wear: I said I was done shopping for clothes but this skirt at Jacob is 30% off this weekend. Must...resist...

Favourite Reads: This series of blog posts is about a family of six living on less than $28,000 a year. No matter how much you earn, there are some good tips for living frugally and interesting insights from a family who is getting by on what most people would consider very little. 

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  1. I also have been listening to that album non stop!! :) So good!!!!

  2. Amy how do you know when everything is on sale?! I'm going to a new job and need a new wardrobe and never seems to hit any sales! Did you hear Taylor's new song featuring Ed Sheeran? And yes, sleep. No one is any good to anyone without sleeep! "If Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy! ". ;)


    1. I sign up for lots of email alerts. I end up deleting most of them without opening them because it's just too tempting but once in a while they catch my eye and are worthwhile!