My Body, Today

Monday, September 19, 2016

Here are some facts about the current state of my bod, three months after Henry was born:

I weigh a few pounds more than I did before I got pregnant. Literally, a few: between one and four, depending on when I weigh myself.

I fit into my old clothes, and I feel like, to the casual observer, I look like I did before I got pregnant.

I'm hungry all the time, probably because of breastfeeding, and I'm not very strict about denying myself the foods I feel like eating.

I also work out most days - running about three times a week, doing cardio and strength apps on my phone the other days, and fitting in an occasional weight session at the gym (laughable because my strength is pretty much zilch these days). Doing the school run twice a day means I'm also walking a lot. Fitting in exercise is tricky but I do my best, whether it means a basement workout during naptime, a stroller run while Henry's sleeping, or waiting until Peter is home and can hang out with the boys for 45 minutes before a late dinner.

Instead of focusing on the positives (nourishing a healthy baby! exercising every day! zipping up real pants!) I find myself fixated on that number on the scale, the one that just won't budge back into the magical zone where I feel most comfortable.

I hate the term "post-baby body". Your body is your body, pre-baby, post-baby, during baby, sans baby. There are so many different stages we go through as women, whether it be getting pregnant, changing our diets, discovering a new workout, recovering from childbirth, falling in love, whatever the case may be - all of them play a part in our size and shape. Your body is going to change, whether you have zero children or one child or 12.

If I had a friend who was obsessing over one to four pounds three months after having a child, here's what I'd tell her: You just had a baby. You're feeding a little boy, and he's growing beautifully. Your life is different than it was five years ago: you've gone from having zero children to two; you've gone from having all the free time in the world to basically none; you've gone from being responsible for only yourself to yourself plus two little boys. Why wouldn't your body change a little?  

Isn't it interesting how we never talk to ourselves the way we'd talk to a friend? 

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  1. oh my god so true! We are always so much harder on ourselves than we would be to a friend. Maybe we should all try to talk to ourselves as though we are talking to a friend once in awhile.