Tomato Soup & Triceratops Quesadillas

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yesterday was cold, gray, and rainy, the kind of day where you just can't wait to get home and change into your favourite hoodie and not go back outside. I picked up Eli from his sitter and gave him a few options for dinner: soup and grilled cheese or quesadillas. "I want TOMATO soup and quesadillas!" he announced. I knew we didn't have any cans of tomato soup in the house, so I tried to change his mind.

"Squash soup instead? This one's red, so it might taste like tomato," I suggested, showing him a container of red pepper and black bean soup.

"No, I love tomato soup," Eli insisted. It was time to get crafty and whip something up, because when a picky eater decides he wants a specific meal, you do whatever you can to make it happen. Who knows when he'll eat again?

I googled easy tomato soup recipes and found one by Rachel Ray that seemed simple enough - only three ingredients, plus seasonings. Since it was only Eli and I at home, I tweaked the recipe a bit and made just enough for two perfectly-sized servings of tomato soup.

Easy Tomato Soup for Two
[+] 1/3 of a big can of crushed tomatoes (I think it was a 28 oz can, so roughly a cup of crushed tomatoes?)
[+] 1/2 container of chicken broth (vegetable broth would also work)
[+] 1/3 cup of cream (I used light)
[+] a dash of pepper
[+] dried dill

Combine crushed tomatoes and broth in a heavy saucepan over medium-high heat. When it starts to bubble, add cream, sprinkle in a little pepper and some dill, and reduce heat to low. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes on low heat.

I served this with some plain cheese quesadillas. For extra toddleriffic flair, I used a triceratops-shaped cookie cutter to cut out Eli's quesadillas. You want to get your kid to eat? Make sure their food is shaped like a mediocre class of an extinct animal. Everything tastes better when it's prehistoric!

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