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Monday, March 23, 2015

[+] I started training for the Bluenose half marathon a few weeks ago. So far all my training has been on the treadmill. I haven't run outside since January 1, and it's killing me! Our sidewalks are nonexistent (on our particular street they're under 3-4 feet of snow? Not conducive to running) and I can't wait to get back outside. In the meantime, training has been going well. My tentative game plan this time around is to stick with the 2:00:00 10:1 pace bunny (run 10 minutes, walk one minute, finish in two hours) - because you can do anything for 10 minutes, right? Times 12? I did eight miles the Saturday before last, and it felt easy breezy but again, outside and treadmill are two very different animals. Then on Sunday I did nine miles and it felt like death.

[+] Not to keep harping on the weather since it's the world's most boring topic but shit guys, I don't see how the earth has the physical capacity to absorb all the snow that's currently on the ground when/if it ever decides to melt. Looking at the volume of snow in our backyard it's impossible to imagine grass is ever going to grow again. I'd kill to be able to go outside in a spring jacket and sneakers - KILL.

[+] Speaking of spring fashions, there are a few items I've been picking up for when it's actually possible to go outside without massive fluffy snow boots and a sleeping bag coat. I ordered a pair of New Balance 574 Precious Metals - after a lot of deliberation over colours I finally went with gray. Can't wait to wear this bad boys with a pair of skinny jeans on casual Fridays and all weekend long. A couple weeks ago, I found a black pleated midi skirt at the Banana Republic outlet for just $24.99! It was like the answer to a prayer since I've been debating a midi skirt for weeks. It was like the universe was saying, go on, get it girl. And I did. At some other point during the winter (it's been so long, who even knows) I bought black slip-on sneakers at Gap and a white blazer. I'm excited to wear them both as the weather warms up but a little nervous about the blazer since I'll probably drip burrito juice all over it on day one. I'd like to get a new bathing suit and a pair of dressier flats.

[+] I read Summer House with Swimming Pool last week and loved it. So now I'm reading The Dinner by the same author, Herman Koch. It's obvious something terrible is about to happen but I don't know what, and I can't wait to find out. It makes the bus ride to and from work fly by.

[+] Kendrick Lamar's new album is out and I'm loving it so far. King Kunta and The Blacker The Berry are both in high rotation.

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