Currently // March 2015 edition

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Eating: more veggies - I'm on day two of salads for lunch, and I've been getting lots of vegetables in my meals lately. Not mad at it. 
Drinking: a ton of water. My goal is 3L during the work day, plus whatever I consume at the gym and at home. I find I'm much more alert and clear-headed when I drink lots of water. 
Reading: The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb.
Wanting: spring weather. I don't need summer - I just need to be able to leave the house without bundling up and checking road conditions 12 times before I drive anywhere. 
Looking: away from my screen a lot more often. My officemate and I just installed the eyeCare extension in Chrome yesterday. It reminds you to look away from your screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to help prevent eye strain! 
Playing: with Eli...lately he's big into puzzles and duplo. 
Wasting: time online browsing spring clothes. What a tease, buying cute springy things and not being able to wear them. 
Wishing: I could run outside. The treadmill's getting rill old. 
Enjoying: weekends breakfasts, Downton Abbey, Nature Valley protein bars
Watching: Downton & Walking Dead
Waiting: for opening day. Spring training's got me looking forward to baseball season! 
Hoping: to sign up for the Blue Nose half on May 17. I've got my training plan all mapped out, now just need to get in the mindset to commit.
Marveling: that we still have so.much.snow. and it continues to fall. Shouldn't the clouds be empty by now? 
Needing: vitamin D, a massage, a dentist appointment, a tan. Fake, of course. 
Smelling: coffee 
Wearing: a lot of neutrals lately - it's just so much easier. Plus a huuuge puffy coat and the world's most enormous snow boots.
Noticing: how much brighter it is in the evenings, and it's only going to get better! 
Knowing: I need to be managing my time more effectively
Thinking: how is it only Wednesday?! 
Feeling: sleepy and uninspired
Bookmarking: these social media hacks you may not know exist (some of these were news to me!) 
Giggling: at this Vine. Forever and ever, amen.

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  1. Replies
    1. There sure isn't! Hmmm...I don't know how I'd answer that anyway. Mostly I've been listening to random Spotify playlists at work.

  2. Hi Amy! Hope you've been well! I've been trying to do more veggies lately too, and carting around my water bottle, when I don't forget the damn thing. I'm terrible for not drinking enough. Womp.

    And I think it's the time of year for feeling uninspired, I've had a serious case of the blahs lately. LOUSY SMARCH.

    1. Sounds like you're making some good habits for yourself which is awesome! Having the water bottle on my desk is the only reason I drink so much, for sure. It makes it easier when it's right in front of my face all day long.

  3. Downton! I stopped watching after *something* happened and... upset me. (Is that a spoiler!?) Folks at work are on me hard to get back into it though, and I think I'm over that thing that happened... So there's some binge watching in my near future. It's so great! As for the snow, TELL ME ABOUT IT. It will be July before the snow is gone at our place!