Monday, January 26, 2015

There are a lot of things I hope Eli doesn't inherit from me. Examples: My skin from age 12-18. My predilection to only be attracted to the biggest assholes walking (present company excluded). My sore loser tendencies - just this Saturday, Pete and I were playing Monopoly, he put houses on Boardwalk and Park Place, and I tried to eat the houses. I mean, when it gets to that point, you might as well put the game away. It's not like my ghetto Vermont Ave. and St. Charles Place can compare. Let's just get to bed.

I tend to start projects and not finish them. I can be judgey and mean. I don't like staying up past 10pm and I have a hard time staying awake for a whole movie. None of these are what I'd consider desirable genetics that I'd like to pass along to my child.

If Eli inherits any of my characteristics, I hope they're these:

1. A love for being outdoors. There are so many health benefits to spending time in nature, but it just makes you feel good. Think back to your favourite day last summer: was it that scintillating episode of Big Brother you watched while sitting on the couch eating Creamsicles, or was it the day you spent at the beach? Somewhere in the abyss that is my Pinterest, I pinned a quote that was something along the lines of, "Kids don't remember their best day of television". Getting outside, breathing in fresh air, feeling the sunshine (or wind, or snow, whatever) has always been important to me. In fact, the times in my life I've felt the saddest are also the times I didn't get outside much. Which ties in nicely to...

2. An active lifestyle. There's just so much more to do when you're active growing up, so many more options. You can play tennis or go for a bike ride with your friends, spend the day skiing, join a soccer team. I always feel better on the weekends when we've spent time with Eli doing something active. I can tell he's having fun. He works up an appetite and he sleeps better when he's had a chance to run around.

3. A passion for reading. I was a big reader from a very young age and I think Eli will be, too. I've read to him since he was a tiny baby and he loves listening to stories. Now that he's bigger, he'll often build himself a nest out of blankets on the couch and settle in with a pile of books. He already has a huge imagination and makes up complicated stories with lots of characters and crazy adventures. People, even strangers, have commented on Eli's having a big vocabulary for his age and I think cultivating that love for reading and language has helped with that.

4. The ability to laugh at any situation. It's just so much easier to deal with shitty circumstances when you don't take things too seriously. I'm able to find humour in almost any situation and I hope Eli can, too.

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