Eli's second Easter

Monday, April 01, 2013

The Easter Bunny visited Eli on Friday night, since we were going to be away on Sunday morning. So on Saturday morning, Eli found his little early Easter surprises. A stuffed bunny, a couple rubber balls, a jar of bubble solution, three books, and a hollow chocolate rabbit that will probably last until he's 16. We The Bunny had hidden plastic eggs around the living room, so we handed him a basket and let him go to town hunting for eggs, dumping them out, putting them back in the basket, rinse and repeat, ALLMORNINGLONG.

This Easter was very much about spending time with family and friends. We went to a birthday party on Saturday with lots of kiddos for him to play with, and then on to visit both sets of grandparents, enjoying a big Easter dinner at both houses on Saturday night and Sunday. Eli got to play with his cousins, ride on a tractor, explore outside, and see some animals.

Last year, Eli's first Easter, we went a little overboard on the presents. I guess we thought Easter was the perfect opportunity to stock Eli up on everything he'd need for the entire spring and summer because our couch was covered, and I mean covered, with his "Easter basket". And we have a sectional couch. Too much.

Lesson learned: this year we went back to the basics and Eli still had a blast. He was so excited to find his little gifts and hunt for eggs, but mostly to get hugs from big people he doesn't get to see too often and play with small ones. There were no Easter DVD packs or Easter bicycles or Easter video games or Easter wardrobes, yet our poor, deprived little baby grinned from ear to ear all weekend.

It was the kind of holiday I hope to enjoy with Eli as he grows up. Less about the presents and more about spending time with the people he loves most. He's not going to remember the ball or the hat or the sidewalk chalk he got for any particular Easter, but I hope we can help him make holiday memories he won't forget. I hope he looks forward to holidays for good food, good company, and lots of laughs, not for some shiny new present.

Turkey coma on the drive home.

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  1. Aw, I love that. Also, that's pretty much the most perfect baby pose ever.

    1. He was so sad when he woke up with a stiff neck!