Thursday, January 03, 2013

I ordered a juicer today, something I've been debating for ages.

I've contemplated juice cleanses many times. So healthy! So nutritious! It just seems like a really easy, convenient way to eat a crapton of fruits and veggies without having to resort to salads every day. I've seen a lot of recipes online for fresh juice that sounds delicious and read countless blog posts raving about the benefits of juicing. 

The biggest con for me, aside from the cost, is the space it takes up. Will it just be another large kitchen gadget occupying precious real estate in the cupboard? Will I actually use it more than once, or will it sit idle for months at a time until I get another short-lived urge for a glass of juice? 

I did some online research about making juice in our food processor, Magic Bullet, or blender, but apparently that just creates a frothy, foamy mess rather than pressing out the good juicy stuff.

Beyond the Rack had a sale on this bad boy, $130 marked down to $49.99, which sealed the deal for me: 

It should be delivered in a couple weeks. Veggies and fruits, you better be trembling in fear right now because I'm going to be smashing the living daylights out of you. Also, ginger? I'm coming for you. 

Feel free to share your juice recipes or any experiences with juice fasts, good or bad! I'll be scouring Pinterest looking for tasty juicy concoctions.

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  1. I hate to say it, but I have a beautiful, big juicer sitting in the back of my pantry collecting dust. At first I used it all the time, then I caught on how expensive it was and how hard it is to clean. If you can get over that, you're doing better than me! You need to have a lot of fruit and veg on hand if you want to make a lot of juice. I'd juice two apples, a handful of spinach, a cucumber, a kiwi or two and only have a tall glass of juice for myself in the end. Still, I was overdosing on goodness...
    Tips - keep watch of the 50% off fruits and veg at the Superstore, freeze the leftover pulp to use in muffins, soups and meatloafs. Also, put a grocery store bag in the in the back to catch the pulp, if you're going to toss it, this makes it ten times easier to clean!

    1. That's good to know! Yeah, I'll be looking for the discounted fruits and veggies for sure. We have an Avery's really close to us and they often have good sales on produce as well.