14 Months

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eli Alexander is 14 months old today. Where did this small man come from and where did my tiny baby go? Here are some of the things making waves in the world of Big E these days:

He needs a haircut. Eli sports a full-on girly head of hair these days, long in the back and shaggy bangs in his eyes. We trimmed the hair around his ears before Christmas, but this is getting to be a situation that requires a professional. Perhaps this weekend a legit haircut will happen.

He's learned how to "cheers". His newest trick is, if he's got a cup of water or milk on the go, clinking it with you, then doing the HUGEST cheesy grin. He'll do 10 cheers in a row and thinks it's the most fun ever. Sometimes he forgets to drink afterward because the clinking is so.much.fun.

He points at things and asks what they are. "Wassiss?" He wants to know what everything is. For the most part  he's just babbling although he does say a few words and he understands when you ask him to get a particular toy, go to the bathroom at bath time, and so on.

He doesn't miss a trick. If the dog barks Eli is on the scene immediately, peeking out the front door to see who's in the yard. If it's Peter he completely flips out, jumps up and down, bangs his hands on the windows and says DADADADADADADA, and tries to open the door for him. 

He lets you know when he's done eating. Biffing food on the floor is a new trick, but this kid can also pack food away. He also shakes his head no when he's had enough of something or doesn't want to do something, and there is no arguing with him once he's made his mind up.

He hates wearing socks. When we get home after work, one of the first things he likes to do is pull his socks off. And quite often he'll take them off in his crib during nap time. I understand. I do the same thing with pants.

Things he loves: dancing, music of any kinds, anything soft to rub his face against (stuffed animals, blankets, our dog, anything fuzzy), reading, bath time, ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit of all kinds (especially bananas), animals, brushing his own teeth, veggie burgers, shoulder rides

Things he hates: having his teeth brushed, too many winter clothes, mashed potatoes and tofu, and, apparently, standing still for photos.

Pacing around



So. Excited. Can't. Stay. Still.

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  1. What a little man! Ha! He is growing up so fast! I concur about hating socks.

    I hope the first haircut goes well!


    1. Me too, I'm scared they'll give him blunt, straight, halfway-up-his-forehead bangs. Hopefully it'll be fast and painless for everyone!

  2. hes adorable. I love this shirt in the photos. I love that he does cheers. Also, your house looks very nice, post more pics please! Love that rug

    1. thanks! A house tour post might be a fun idea. The rug is from Urban Outfitters!