Five on Friday: Five things I'm looking forward to this weekend

Friday, September 28, 2012

[1] Run for the Cure on Sunday morning. Pete and I are running this 5K together. It's his very first run and he has been training hard so I know he's going to crush it! We've got our playlists ready, we're picking up our t-shirts today, we don't have a full body-and-face leotard like the red thing in the photo below, but I think we'll be OK regardless.


[2] Carb loading on Saturday. Yeah yeah - you don't need to carb load for a 5K. Peter doesn't know any better. Shh, don't tell him. Spaghetti anyone? Not to be confused with Honey Boo Boo's "sketti". 

[3] Pumpkin beer. It's baaack! Maybe a little post-run reward? 

[4] Getting crafty. October is pretty much here. It's like a hop, skip and a jump away. I think it's finally appropriate to have a fall wreath on the front door. Tomorrow it's supposed to be rainy and it sounds like a perfect crafternoon opportunity. 

[5] Revenge is back! So the wonderful people responsible for this show aired a special "Revenge: The First Chapter" episode this week which summed up all of Season 1 in one hour, which was awesome for me, because I'v been frantically trying to cram in the whole first season online and was still about 10 episodes behind. Season 2 starts on Sunday. 

Happy Friday, boys and girls! 

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  1. Yeah, please don't wear one of those body suits. They terrify me. I was once grocery shopping and there were a couple people in them and I like ran away from them and they FOLLOWED ME. I then saw them outside as I was leaving the store taking off their face masks. They looked to be about high school. Sociology study!? Either way I had the urge to stop and yell at them/gently hit them with my car. :)

    1. They mostly make me uncomfortable because you can't tell where they're looking! I DON'T TRUST EM