10 months of Big E

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our big boy is 10 months old now: double digits, less than two months until his first birthday. Cue tears. Every time someone comments on him getting close to his birthday, my eyes water and I start mumbling about seasonal allergies. This is such a fun age, which I say every month, but he's really getting more and more fun to be around, more of a little boy than a baby.

Eli is a talker! He babbles a lot and says things like dada, mama, nana, baba - I'm not sure how much he says on purpose, but yesterday when my sister's dog came into the room he looked at her and announced "Da!" so we're counting that as "dog". Sometimes he blabs away on his own and it sounds like he's having a full-on conversation in another language. In the car and in the stroller, he sings and chats away.

He cruises around the furniture like nobody's business. He hasn't taken steps without holding on to something yet, but he'll walk around pushing his little wheeled dragon and is getting better and better at it, so I wouldn't be surprised if he took off walking any day. He can climb stairs and furniture.

Eli loves to eat and will devour anything you put in front of him except green beans. This weekend he had waffles, and is a fan, and he had tofu earlier in the week and liked that too. He's such a slow eater though. Mealtime is a marathon event. Wear comfortable pants and bring a book, because you're gonna be here a while.

Eli would be happy to sit on the floor and roll a ball back and forth all day long. He loves bath time, being thrown up in the air, music of all types, a good dance party, and any variation of hiding under a blanket and popping out. He's started waving hello and goodbye and is a huge flirt every time we're out running errands, wooing every female he sees. We have quite the little womanizer on our hands.

The biggest challenge is changing his diaper, because it seems lying on his back for 30 seconds is just too much for our little acrobat and he rolls over, does yoga poses, and basically tries to fling his body over the side of the changing table the whole time.

Sorry to those of you on my Instagram...these photos are going to look familiar :)

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  1. Is Pete/are you a fan of the comics? I love the Batman PJs. :)

    1. Pete is a fan! I like the Dark Knight movies but that's the extent of it for me!

  2. Yeah, this 10 month thing is tough! My E's 10 months as of TODAY and whoa. Time to start planning that birthday party!

    1. Happy 10 months to your E! I've started making a list of birthday party stuff we need, but I think we're going to keep it pretty low-key. Our guest list was up to like 40 people so we're scaling way back. A crazy public meltdown (him or me!) is the last thing we need!