Happy Baby

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whenever we're out with Eli, the comment we hear most is what a happy baby he is. As a new parent, that's one of the nicest things you can hear.

At six months, Eli is definitely a happy little guy. He smiles at everybody - family, friends, strangers, our dog, other people's dogs. He's a charmer and he wins people over everywhere we go. Yesterday our errands included stops at Home Depot, Chapters, and Starbucks and in all three places he had everyone around him smiling. He has such a warm grin and an infectious laugh.

Eli is curious. He crams everything in his mouth, which could be a byproduct of teething, although no chompers have poked through yet. He absolutely loves to be outdoors and his idea of a serious good time is being carried around the yard so he can touch all the trees and bushes or just sitting on a blanket in the grass.

He's a very chatty and musical kid and he sings and talks constantly. He likes being read to, loves listening to music of any kind, and goes crazy for a good dance party. Bath time is still his favourite part of the day and he's still getting baths in the baby tub.

Even though he's still very much a baby Eli is feeling more and more like a little buddy these days. His personality and sense of humour is developing every day and it's easy to see what kind of a little boy he'll be if these baby months are any indication: easygoing, friendly and mischevious. I think we'll have our hands full. I also think we'll have a hard time staying mad at him.

At his six month appointment Eli tipped the scales at 16lb 4oz and is 68cm long. He still nurses five times a day and has two cereal snacks (lunch and dinner). He also sleeps through the night most nights, and pretty much only wakes up if he gets his leg stuck in the crib. Otherwise he's out from 7pm to sometime between 6-7am. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

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  1. What a cutie! His smile just made my day!
    I loved that age, now I'm just sitting here waiting PATIENTLY for grandbabies.

    1. It's a really fun age for sure. He's such a little character already! You'll have so much fun with your grandbabies, when they come along. Eli gets super spoiled by both sets of grandparents :)

  2. He is also an adorable baby!! Just seeing pictures of him puts a smile on my face!

    1. Right now he's sitting here growling at his toy beaver which is pretty entertaining!