Baby's First Christmas

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To be completely honest, this Christmas day wasn't the most wonderful time of the year in our home. Instead of the spirit of the baby Jesus we had more of a demon on our hands, in the form of a very crabby, growth-spurty six-week-old hell bent on making opening gifts, preparing and eating Christmas dinner, and doing basically anything not involving feeding, burping, changing or otherwise comforting him next to impossible. It was one of those days where Eli wouldn't nap, no matter what we tried to do. Wakey baby = wakey mom. It wasn't pretty. I burst into tears more than once that day and went to bed at 8:00 already making plans in my head for how to ensure next Christmas won't be such a gong show.

I know that someday we'll look back at this holiday and laugh. "The Christmas When Eli Was Born" will be the stuff of family legends. It was just another reminder that when you're a parent you can't plan for anything. Eli doesn't give a hoot if it's Jesus' birthday or that he's getting a bajillion presents or that we want to shove turkey into our guts while not being serenaded by baby screeches. He's growing like a weed and feeling shitty and he's going to spend the day letting us know.

And I know there's no guarantee next year will be better. I remember countless Christmases when I was small and one of us would miraculously develop the stomach flu, tonsilitis, or chicken pox right on cue at 6:00AM December 25, year after year. Once you have a kid all bets are off, apparently. They may be the smallest peeps in the house but they definitely rule the roost.

But looking back on this Christmas, there were lots of nice moments. Going for a walk after lunch with all my boys. Helping Peter get the potatoes and turnips ready for dinner (by "helping" I mean holding the baby and giving Pete instructions - there was no way Eli was letting us set him down on Christmas day. Hooo no.) Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, even if my poor husband had to eat his turkey feast with one hand because he was, you guessed it, holding the baby with his other. Cracking open my Philosophy The Gingerbread Man hot salt scrub and shower gel during my 10 minutes of peace in the bathroom. And in a happy turn of events, the growth spurt seems to have eased up and we're getting more of our cheery boy back over the past few days.

Christmas this year wasn't bad, far from it. Just...different. As they're all going to be from now on.

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  1. Ah, I couldnt help but smile at this post. I recall your airplane etiquette post which was hugely funny but being the parent of two small children I couldnt help but disagree on the bit about children. As you can tell, sometimes one is not completely in charge of a child, especially a baby be it Christmas, a meal out or a flight. It does get remarkably easier, next year will be more fun.

  2. For being so little they can wreak so much havoc!! Can't wait till next year when our only worry will be keeping him from eating the tree :D

  3. Christmas was "different" with Topher this year, too - trying to squeeze in his naps around family dinner schedules and keeping an overtired and overwhelemed toddler from throwing tantrums left me absolutely EXHAUSTED - but soon we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming and routines, and I just keep telling myself "This, too, shall pass ..."

  4. You wait until you get on a plane. We have been to Florida from the UK 5 times with Chloe (we are lucky I know) and twice with Miss Lily and I think I have walked MILES around a Virgin Atlantic 747 for 9 hours apologising endlessly when all I wanted to do was read a book. Now we live here in NS and that is no longer a problem - LOL

  5. Holly - I can imagine things are pretty wild with a toddler for sure. Next year Eli will be 13 months so probably just big enough to start getting into things real good :)

    Natasha - if I ever fly with kids they'll be getting "Christmas Pills" aunt used to give her kids Gravol to make them sleep on Christmas Eve, only she called it "Christmas Pills". Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess :) In all seriousness I'll probably be way too scared to fly with really little kids.

  6. oh its ok, the time flies by as you are so busy. I love vacationing with small ones,its so lovely to see them loving a hotel room at 2 years old and really truly believing that they have met Cinderella at Disney, that made me cry. Its all just going to get better and better with Eli as he grows.

  7. Sounds like the little man is going to double his size in no time! I'm glad it ended up being a great Christmas despite all of the craziness!

    I tagged you in the tag post going around since I've seen you participate in some posts of the like :)

  8. Ooh thanks! I'll check it out :)