Coming Clean

Friday, May 20, 2011

Remember how I gave up alcohol for Lent? And then I got all bitchy and indignant because lots of people jumped to the conclusion I was pregnant, and was all, CAN'T A PERSON JUST GET OFF THE BOOZE FOR A FEW WEEKS?

Um...they were right. On March 8, Pete and I found out we're expecting and I am SO happy to finally be able to talk about it!

We heard our little monkey's heartbeat on Tuesday for the first time and in an instant, what has felt like a beer belly and a bit of sleepiness over the past three months finally hit home: there's a tiny, living, growing person in there.

We'll be parents in November. By Christmas, we'll be a family of three (well, four, if you count Rory.) November 10 is my due date, but I'm secretly kinda hoping for an 11-11-11 baby. Oh, and I'm convinced it's a boy.

In terms of a pregnancy update, I don't have much to report. I've been feeling great. The first trimester brought lots of sleepiness, and mood swings aplenty, but none of the ickyness I've heard of from other moms-to-be. There was no morning sickness, no crazy food cravings. I gained two pounds between my 10-week and 14-week appointments, but I'm still (more or less) wearing my normal clothes. When I wake up in the morning, I look pretty normal. By midday I look like I've swallowed a grapefruit whole.

As of today, I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and according to thebump.com I have 175 days to go and baby is the size of a navel orange. This both excites and panics me. It seems like a long way away. It's not. There's so much to do. As of now, we own four pairs of socks and one doorknob hanger for the baby. We know nothing about having a baby or caring for a little person. We've never changed a diaper or fed a baby. We'll just have to figure it out.

I have been ostriching hardcore about giving birth and just concentrating instead on all the lovely drugs I'll get. I don't want to hear about tearing and stitches and 48-hour labours. I've been reading pregnancy books, but it still feels like I'm reading them on someone else's behalf. "Oh, this sounds hideous. It's too bad ALL THOSE GIRLS have to go through it." Denial FTW.

So, that's my big news. Be prepared for bump pictures, if/when I start looking pregnant and not like I've been on a donut binge, as well as regular updates and insights into the wonderful world of being a mom-to-be.

So far, in a nutshell: it's not that bad. I feel like a slightly healthier and more rested version of myself. I like being pregnant, but I do miss my eggs benedict and sushi and the occasional turkey deli sandwich.

Best of all is how much we love this little person already, and we haven't even met yet.

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  1. Congratulations!!!!!! That is wonderful news! I can't wait to see bump photos.

    I have been ostriching on the whole having kids thing in general. I want kids, but not yet. I'm not done being selfish. I'm not done being a newly wed. I'm not done losing weight so I can look like a hottie for a year before I get knocked up. I felt like if I got pregnant now, I would probably panic. But then I realized that there is no part of our living situation that isn't prepared: we have house, jobs, family, and what more could you need?

    Still.....not yet for me. But I'm very happy for you!